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    • Ingram Edwards

      Just wanted to say "Hi!"  I just joined today!  Looking forward to talking to all of you.  :-) 
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    • Pam Trader

      Hey everyone!  Have you seen your Member's Profile page?  Learn about your fellow chapter members by clicking on their name in any post.  
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    • Pam Trader

      Hi everyone!
      What are you doing for Thanksgiving?  This year I'm trying to "make-ahead" as much as possible so that I can relax more tomorrow.  I've got some decadent mulled spice wine cranberry sauce, sage and sausage dressing, creamy mashed potatoes, and the pumpkin pie filling all chilling in the fridge.
      How's your preparations going?
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    • Laura G Sweeney

      I would love to have someone with whom to discuss ideas about both romance writing and poetry writing. I am in Europe helping Italians learn to write romance and non-fiction. I have been a writer for a couple of decades as well as an artist.
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    • Catherine Chant  »  Lovilen Edwards

      Welcome, Lovilen! I always find that workshops are great motivators when I'm feeling stuck on a story (or just plain ol' procrastinating). There's something about having "assignments" that lights a fire under me and energizes me. I hope the exercises in this workshop do the same for you and your project.
      (ps: I'm posting this here because the Welcome thread seems to be having some glitches and won't let me save some of the replies. Computers are weird. LOL!)
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