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  1. NJRW 2017 Conference - Open for Submissions!

    Hey Mo! Thanks for posting this. I think I may try to make my way out there this year for conference! Let's see if I can come up with a workshop proposal!
  2. Thanks so very much for all of your patience as we moved the forums and website to a new server.  

    There were nights I didn't think we were going to make it, but the tech support teams came through in spades!

    If you find something wrong, feel free to let me know.  I'm still working the kinks out of the new software, but I think we'll find our new home very comfortable!

  3. Dear Guests!

    Hi Kyla, Yes, RWA Online is still up and running! And you are right, as a guest you have limited viewing. We're just getting organized for 2015 and have not yet established our workshop schedule for this year, but the good news is that we archive ALL of our old workshops. Members can troll the library and view all of the same material, lectures, research, comments, etc. that happened during every workshop RWA Online has ever produced. I haven't counted them in a long time, but I believe there are at least a hundred workshops archived in our library! If there are any other questions you have, feel free to drop us another line! I hope we'll see you inside the chapter "doors" soon! Pam Trader President & Webmaster RWA Online
  4. ****Permission to share is granted and appreciated. **** 2012 Gateway to the Best Contest closes Sept. 7th. *Currently, we are low on entries, especially in Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Single Title.* This is a great opportunity to get your manuscript in front of amazing final judges. No synopsis? No problem. Entry is the first 7000 words of your manuscript. LOOK AT THIS PRICE!!! $30 for Non-MORWA Members for the 1st entry BUT $15 for EACH ADDITIONAL ENTRY. Break out a manuscript you don't want to give up on. Get new feedback. Maybe its time has come. http://www.morwa.org/gateway.htm Final Judges Paranormal: Latoya Smith, Grand Central Publishing Single Title: Katherine Pelz, Berkeley Publishing Group Historical: Esi Sogah, HarperCollins Contemporary Series: Laura Barth, Harlequin Romantic Suspense: Patience Smith, Harlequin Young Adult: Stacey Barney, Penguin Putnam Deadlines Entry Deadline: Entry must be RECEIVED not later than midnight, Central time, September 7, 2012. First Round Finalists Announced on/about: October 31, 2012 Final Winners Announced on/about: December 8, 2012 Judging Criteria Each entry will be judged by three experienced judges with the lowest of the three scores dropped from the final tabulations. Judges will be encouraged to write comments on both the score sheet and manuscript. Prizes GRAND PRIZE: The Grand Prize winner will receive US $100, a full reading and critique of her entire manuscript by a MORWA Published Author, a certificate, and a "Gateway to the Best Grand Prize Winner" electronic banner announcing the win for the author's website. -- *Carrie Shane* *Noelle Norris* *MORWA Gateway to the Best Contest Coordinators*
  5. Happy Birthday, Patti Fischer!

  6. Having Problems Getting In?

    Katina, Your account looks fine...are you logged in?
  7. Yes, we're having problems with the boards remembering who is a member. Most problems occur if you were a new member last year, and renewed this year. The software doesn't recognize you (despite my whining to the developer). I will fix if you let me know who you are. Otherwise we should catch you when we run the lists over the next few days.

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      I just became a new member and can't see the forums either. Hope it gets fixed soon, thanks!

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      p.s. I noticed I can't edit my profile either - I'm not being recognized as a member even though I paid.

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      How long will it take for payment for membership to be processed? I paid through the client area for a full membership last week, but still do not have access to the boards. I was wondering if I paid in the wrong place and it got lost somewhere? I have the receipt for the payment from Pay pal.

  8. Having Problems Getting In?

    Hi everyone, It's the end of the membership year and the boards are playing their usual games with me about keeping your membership access settings. Please drop a reply to this topic if you're having trouble and you know you've paid up. If you failed to renew by today, your account is more than likely locked out. Making sure you're logged in (your name should be visible in the upper right corner of the page), click the Store tab in the top middle and look for the Chapter Membership Renewal option. You should be able to continue. Let me know if you can't. Hang with me - this is the most painful part of the year for us. Stupid software.... Pam
  9. *** Permission to Forward Granted *** RWA® Online Workshops Present: I Used To Hate Writing A Synopsis, But Not Anymore! presented by Susan Palmquist October 3 - 14, 2011 About the Class: Learn why a good synopsis is like giving a great job interview Learn why it's a must have skill for every writer Learn what makes a good synopsis Learn what should always be included Learn what tense a synopsis should be written in and how it should be formatted Learn to write both a short and long synopsis There will be mini exercises after each lesson and two major exercises at the end of each week. About Susan Palmquist: Susan Palmquist is a freelance writer and author. Under her own name she's the author of six novels, four of which are romances. Under her pen name, Vanessa Devereaux, she writies erotica and erotic romances and has three published books and three upcoming titles.. She's also a published short story writer who's been published in both the US and UK and two of her stories have recently appeared in anthologies. She also writes a weekly money saving blog at called The Budget Smart Girl's Guide to the Universe. Susan is also a writing tutor for Writer's Bureau and Writing Magazine UK. While she might not have sold everything she's written, she's never had an editor refuse to read her work after seeing one of her synopsis. Her secret, she really loves to write them and thinks it's like creating a story in itself. In her work as a tutor she gets to read a student's synopsis and while formatted right, many lack the I want to read this story quality, necessary to make a sale. Registration Period: September 16 - October 2, 2011 Registration Deadline: October 2, 2011 Fee: $15 RWA Online Chapter Members ONLY receive free workshops. No registration required for chapter members. Payment method: PAYPAL is recommended! Checks and money orders also accepted, but register early and mail your payment promptly. No person will be allowed in unless payment is received. Format: Courses are conducted via online discussion (bulletin) board on the RWA® Online website (no email loops). Non-chapter members MUST complete both the workshop registration AND the discussion board login registration for access. **Permission To Forward Granted
  10. Sketching Historical Characters starts 8/10!

  11. Sketching Historical Characters starts 8/10!

  12. Going to apply a new software upgrade to the boards in the next few days. Be patient and look for improvements!

    1. Chloe Blaire

      Chloe Blaire

      Updated OnLine RWA page is *LOOKIN' GOOD*. Thanks for your hard work Pam!!

  13. I'm hanging out my shingle: WebdoggieMX is open for business maintaining your website.

  14. *** Permission Granted to Forward *** RWA Online presents: The Plotting Wheel Presented by Becky Martinez and Sue Viders June 6 - July 1, 2011 (Dates arranged so writers attending the RWA National Conference can still take this class!) About the class: Plotting a novel can be a daunting task, but no matter what method of plotting a writer uses, there are certain elements that need to go into any well told story. Don't get bogged down with a story going nowhere. This class illustrates how to tackle those various elements by using “The Plotting Wheel.” Learn how to build a plot from idea to satisfying conclusion by moving the story along using the spokes of the wheel. The plotting wheel can help the writer make certain they’re headed in the right direction with their characters and that the story is moving forward through meaningful action, while building tension and making use of good pacing. The plotting wheel gets a story off to a quick start, props up the sagging middle and helps to insure a satisfying climax and conclusion. Whether you’ve already written part of the story and are stuck with no place to go or just starting out, the wheel can provide some help to get you moving again. Even if you're a published writer, the wheel can help you tackle that next book and the next. It even works for plotters who fly by the seat of their pants! Join us for a fast-paced, but thorough explanation of a writing tool that can get your plot rolling without ignoring the main characters! About Sue Viders and Becky Martinez: Sue Viders is the author of more than 20 books, numerous articles and columns for both artists and writers. She is co-author of the book Heroes and Heroines, Sixteen Master Archetypes, which is used in many college and university writing courses and co-authored the book, 10 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters. Her latest writing book is an e-book titled The Fiction Writing Workbook, which takes writers from first idea through a completed novel. She also developed Deal a Story, an interactive card game consisting of 101 cards and six sections and is based on her Heroes and Heroines book. She is a practicing artist, seminar leader, and educator with on-line classes both for writers and artists. Becky Martinez is an award-winning former broadcast journalist and published author. Her latest book, Deadly Messages was published by The Wild Rose Press in February 2010 and was an Aspen Gold finalist. She has had several short stories published and contributed a short story to The Trouble with Romance, an anthology that was a 2007 New Mexico Book Award finalist. She was also one of the co-authors of Ten Steps to Creating Memorable Characters, a workbook for writers. For the past six years she has been teaching writing classes, both online and in person. For more writing help, please visit their website for writers, www.writethatnovel.com. Registration Period: May 23 - June 3, 2011 Registration Deadline: June 3, 2011 Fee: $15 RWA Online Chapter Members ONLY receive free workshops. No registration required for chapter members. Payment method: PAYPAL is recommended! Checks and money orders also accepted, but register early and mail your payment promptly. No person will be allowed in unless payment is received. Format: Courses are conducted via online discussion (bulletin) board on the RWA® Online website (no email/Yahoo loops). Non-chapter members MUST complete both the workshop registration AND the discussion board login registration for access. Instructions for login are presented after the registration page. The workshop is available for up to one week after the end date and a downloadable archive of the workshop will be available the week following the workshop. Contact workshops@rwaonlinechapter.org with questions.
  15. Try now Kristina. If you still can't get in, send me your password at webmaster@rwaonlinechapter.org