Write the Effing Book


Presented by Mary E. Thompson

June 3 - 21, 2019

Registration opens May 20, 2019

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About This Workshop

You have an idea. It's a great one. You know you can turn it into a book that will sell like crazy. But you just don't know where to get started. 

This workshop will take you through the process of plotting out your novel in a way that even (brave) pantsers will want to try. We will dive into who your characters are, what they really want, and why they think they can’t have it. We will plot the major points of your novel, and you will walk away with a plan that gives you enough detail to get started, whether you are a plotter and want to have each piece in place or a pantser who likes finding the surprise inside your story.  

By dissecting popular novels, we will explore multiple examples of how to take your idea from something small to something spectacular.

Course Syllabus:

  • Lesson One - Getting Started
  • Lesson Two - Get To Know Your Characters
  • Lesson Three - Digging Deeper Into Your Characters
  • Lesson Four - Goal, Motivation, and Conflict
  • Lesson Five - The Black Moment
  • Lesson Six - Character Arc
  • Lesson Seven - Turning Points
  • Lesson Eight - Fill In The Gaps
  • Lesson Nine - Break Their Rules, Not Yours

About The Presenter

Mary E. Thompson writes steamy, small town stories that give readers hope that romance still exists and keep them coming back for more. As an indie author of over 40 stories, Mary knows how to not only start, but also how to finish a book. She's developed her plotting process through years of experience in figuring out what works for her, as well as coaching other authors into getting their books written. 

When Mary isn’t writing, reading, or helping other authors, she’s doing her best to raise her daughter and son to be good people and living out her own real-life romance with her amazing husband. Visit her at http://maryethompson.com to learn more.

Deadline to register is June 3, 2019

You do not need to be an RWA® member to take the class. 

Note: RWA® Online conducts all workshops via a message board system located on this website. However, access to the site is restricted by login and password to ensure that the workshop is only available to those that are authorized to attend.

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