Worldbuilding for Contemporary Fiction

Worldbuilding for Contemporary Authors

Every story can benefit from an authentic, fully realized setting. By asking the right questions, the writer can immerse readers in a specific environment, time period, and culture. Whether it's a galaxy far, far away or your own backyard, a detailed setting can engage your reader and sharpen your conflict. 

Presented by Peter Andrews
  December 3 - 21, 2018   Fee: $15 for non-RWAOL members. Free for chapter members.

About the Class

Make contemporary stories as surprising and exciting as SF and fantasy by moving past assumptions. Make your invented settings as real and believable as the town you live in. The class will explore settings from a variety of perspectives and apply what's learned to storytelling.

What catches readers' imaginations? How do you explore the environment and use what you learn to raise the stakes? What needs to be there, and what should be left out? Using the tools of fantasy and SF writers, discover how society, geography, history, and economics can make your story fresh, believable, and compelling.

about the instructor

Peter Andrews is a full-time, independent writer of speeches, articles, and blogs. He has dozens of short stories and hundreds of nonfiction articles in print. He has worked professionally in PR and as a Web producer, speechwriter, and radio producer. He teaches writing for the Hudson Valley Writers’ Center, Westchester Community College, the Westchester Center for the Arts, and various online venues. He belongs to the National Association of Science Writers and Romance Writers of America, and he is past president of RWA’s young adult chapter (YARWA). His How to Write Fast blog can be found at

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