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    This video shows how to create a latest topics block, showing the full post, and then adding that block to a new page.
  2. This video shows off some of the user interface you can expect to see in the article management area of the ACP.
  3. Learn how to use the new "Promote to Article" feature to copy a post to the articles section.
  4. All templates are capable of using template tags, and as such when you edit any type of template, there will be a "template tag help" link. Clicking this produces a sidebar (there is then a link in the sidebar to open a separate popup) that details all of the template tags you can insert to include IP.Content data within your template. However, with database and article templates, there are additional variables that are passed into the template to allow it to manipulate and display the HTML that represents the content. For instance, different data is retrieved and available when
  5. IP.Board 3.1 introduces a new feature that is available for any application to make use of: [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/index.php?app=blog&blogid=1174&showentry=4162"]sharing links[/url]. IP.Content 2.0 makes use of this new feature in the custom databases (and articles) modules to allow you to more easily expose your content to a wider audience. Along with supporting sharing of your content with third party services such as Facebook and Twitter, you can now also send an article via email, print the article, and download the article easily by clicking the app
  6. With IP.Content 2.0, articles and custom databases can now mirror a topic to the forums when a new article or database record is submitted. In doing so, IP.Content can also utilize that automatically-generated topic as the comment "storage" for the article or record. When a comment is submitted to the article, the comment is actually stored as a reply to the topic. Similarly, replies made directly to the topic in the forum also show up as comments for the record. This new functionality can be enabled at a per-database and per-category level. You can specify separate forums for
  7. RWA Online

    Media Management

    The media module in the IP.Content 2.0 ACP section allows you to quickly and easily manage multimedia files you may need to use with IP.Content. While you can certainly upload your files through FTP, or link to offsite files, you may find it easier to upload the files using the media section of the ACP, and then copy the links for use within pages, templates, and blocks. From within the media module, you can create folders, upload files, move files and folders, rename files and folders, and delete files and folders. Files can be listed and you can click on a file to view it (or right clic
  8. IP.Content 2.0 uses the term "frontpage" to refer to both the homepage of the Articles module, and the landing page of each individual category. We have introduced this new navigational structure to better allow you to showcase content, while presenting it in a standardized format that your users will be able to understand and jump into without assistance. Firstly, you will now be able to define "frontpage" templates in the ACP for the Articles module. IP.Content 2.0 will ship with 3 defaults: [list][*][b]1x2x2 Layout[/b] This layout will display articles in a trad
  9. In IP.Content 2.0, you will notice that there are 3 separate template sections of the ACP: [list][*][b]Page Templates[/b] [*][b]Database Templates[/b] [*][b]Article Templates[/b][/list] In IP.Content 1.x, database and page templates were combined into a single "Templates" section, which worked fine for our original intentions. However, with the introduction of a separate Articles module, and additional template types related to the articles module, we decided to separate the templates so that each template type is displayed separately. This should help finding and editing y
  10. RWA Online

    Page Management

    The page management module interface has been overhauled for IP.Content 2.0 to make it easier to manage your pages in the ACP. Firstly, the folder navigation utilizes AJAX to load the folder contents inline without requiring you to visit a new page to view the contents of the folder. We found that folder navigation was a slow process, especially when working with many files and folders, so we wanted to speed up the interaction with the software in this particular area. We have also updated some common management features to utilize AJAX to help facilitate management of your pages. Acti
  11. Beginning with IP.Content 2.0, you can now promote forum posts to your articles section in IP.Content. The administrator can configure the specifics of this feature in the ACP under My Apps -> IP.Content -> Promote Article Settings. You can turn the system on and off, control which groups can copy and move posts to the articles section, and specify a few other details for the feature. A new hook is included with IP.Content which adds a button to each post labeled "Promote to Article". This button only shows up if you have permission to use the feature based on the ACP c
  12. Welcome to RWA Online's Guest Lounge. Pull up a chair and a glass of Moet and hang out with us. This discussion forum is open to all RWA Online members and any guests who would like to visit with us. Ask questions about the chapter and how it works, say hi to your chapter friends, or drop a line about anything on your mind. Chapter members: You must register for access to this board to have complete access to the MEMBERS ONLY portion. Use the link above to register and please, for a user name, use your REAL name (the one you are on the chapter membership lists with). Once I receive the
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