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  1. It will be fine if you drop in when you can. You don't even have to stop by every day. Angie and I will post lectures every other day for you to read at your leisure. Then the next day will be devoted to questions people post on the forum, and looking at people's homework assignments. No assignment is going to be more than 250 words long, so they won't be too labor intensive. We know people will be doing the marathon, so we're doing our best to make sure it is easy for everyone to fit the workshop in when they have a second. Jess
  2. The workshop will be the first couple of weeks of October. Come back by the site about a week before then, and you should be able to sign up. Jess
  3. I can't this year because of a wedding, but I've gone in the past and loved it!
  4. Hi Hope, I'm one of the instructors for the POV class. The class will run for two weeks in October. During that time, my critique partner, Angie Fox, and I will post lectures on various aspects of POV. We will be discussing the differences between writing first person and third person, how to decide what POV will work best for your characters and your story, POV pitfalls, using POV to deepen the narrative and descriptive passages of the story, finding a character's internal voice (and consequently your own), and more. We'll cover basic techniques, and some advanced techniques, so writers
  5. Hey, welcome to the group! Chessie
  6. Wow, we are getting people sent over here by Diedre Knight? I don't know about everyone else, but that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! It is good to hear from you, Babe! I hope you are able to join our little cyber-party over here. Chessie
  7. You guys are a crack-up, a helpful crack-up, but a crack-up none the less. Chessie
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