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  1. Rebecca - I just went to check out your blog and noticed the article on Walmart and Kobo.  I had no idea.  Thanks for posting it. 


    1. Rebecca Owens

      Rebecca Owens

      Thanks, Tina I thought it was interesting also.  Just when I thought I had figured out this e-publishing business, it changes again.  

  2. Exciting things are happening with the Evanston Writers Workshop Conference August 24 – 26, 2012. We are one of the best multi-genre conference in the Midwest. We have moved our Conference to the beautiful Orrington Hotel in downtown Evanston. For people who may wish to stay there, they are offering us half off their rack rate! USA Today Bestselling author Jade Lee will be headlining, along with multiple award winning and New York Times Bestselling science fiction fantasy author Jody Lynn Nye. Ms. Nye will also be offering a 4 hour master class on the Friday before the conference. Non-fiction editor Kelly Bale and in-house publicist Danielle Jackson from Sourcebooks will be there to share industry knowledge with you. Local authors, Sherrill Bodine, Laurie Brown, Libby Fischer Hellmann, Patricia Rosemoor, Jennifer Stevenson, and more, will impart extensive knowledge on craft, getting published, and storytelling. Workshops include: • Polishing up your pitch • Memoir - Writing from the heart • Q&A with an In-House Publicist • Creating and marketing a graphic novel • 7 sentences to a practically perfect synopsis We are happy to announce the creators and writers of the graphic novel “Whispers From the Void” will be sponsoring our kick-off cocktail party Friday night. We will also host a book signing open to the public, so any published authors that would like to attend, please contact our author liaison tina@evanstonwritersworkshop.org. Our contests are still open. Last year all of our winners received contracts. So if you have a work of unpublished fiction, submit it for the Evie™ contest. If you had a book published in 2011, submit it for the Bard™. Winners will be announced at our Award Luncheon on Saturday during the conference. Hurry, contests close at the end of the month! Space is limited, so register today. Remember, Evanston writers Workshop is a 501©(3) not for profit, so all registrations and contest entries are tax deductible. We do battle for the writer! For more information on our organization, the conference or contests, please visit either or main site www.evanstonwritersworkshop.com or our conference site www.ewwconference.com. As usual we offer our member rate to affiliate groups (RWA, CWA, Gotham Alumni) Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/evanstonwritersworkshop Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/evanstonwriters
  3. Today's the last of my FEARS class stop in and read my rejection letters, I hope they inspire you.

  4. Hey Tina,

    You said you were in Williamsburg and I was in Norfolk, Darn. I would have loved to meet you.

  5. I just sent my latest ms."Dani Loves Dallas" off to my RP editor

  6. So much to do so little time.

  7. Thanks for the welcome!

  8. Hi Tina...thanks for the welcome...I am trying to catch up and figure everything out! The book cover looks cool...I'm a sucker for great book covers...I'll be checking it out! Have never been to ND...I'm from Indiana...but would love to visit it...it looks beautiful!

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