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  1. Susan, Why not join the Challenge/ April Abs Thread on the discussion board!

  2. Susan, Why not join the Challenge/ April Abs Thread on the discussion board!

  3. I love my Kindle. Love it!

    1. DeborahBrent


      I've read more bookssinceI got mine than I've read in years. I love my Kindle.

    2. Susan Lohrer

      Susan Lohrer

      I still can't decide whether it's better than a Sony. They're both wonderful devices. Easier to get books onto the Kindle though!

  4. Melissa, I love your new photo!

  5. Found out dh ordered a Kindle for my Xmas present. Yay!

    1. Nola Cross

      Nola Cross

      OMG - you will love it. I'm reading way more than I used to. Have fun!

    2. Patti Fischer

      Patti Fischer

      I have had Kindle 1 and love it!

    3. Susan Lohrer

      Susan Lohrer

      USPS shipment tracking is not all that it could be. Don't they know I get my jollies from watching my Kindle travel across the country?

  6. It's double points day, KIA-ers.

  7. The babies are here!

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    2. Deborah Cooke

      Deborah Cooke

      Weight? Gender? C'mon Grandma - we expect you to be bubbling with details! (And pix.)

    3. Lynnette Labelle

      Lynnette Labelle

      So, twins then? Congrats to you and the family. I have twins. Tell them the best thing they can do is to get the babies on the same schedule, even if that means waking one up. The first year is hard enough without that. Feel free to contact me to chat about twin life anytime. ;)

    4. Susan Lohrer

      Susan Lohrer

      Some stuff happened. I'll put it in a post in General Discussion.

  8. is keeping momentum from this month's workshop. Hmm. Do I need my own battle cry?

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