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  1. We'll do our best to help. Does it let you go to the registration page when you click the Register button? If so, what screen do you get when you hit the Send button after filling out the registration form?

  2. Hi Jill,

    Thanks for visiting us and talking about your publishing company. I'll go ahead and jump in with the first question.

    You mentioned you are currently putting your back list into print. What is your plan as far as print goes? Do you have a word count limit or maximum for a book to be offered in print as well? Are books coming out currently being offered as ebook and print? Or does the print version come later?


  3. What I like best is I know I can ask pretty much any writing related question and someone will have an answer to it. :book:

    Lots of chatting goes on though as Monica said it comes and goes in waves depending on if anyone has good news, bad news, or questions.

    You also get access to all the workshops which are offered and I really enjoyed the Chapters writing challenge.


  4. Here's another general question which was brought up in a writer's group I belong to recently on querying series (not category, but multiple books). Everyone agreed the focus of the query letter should be on the first book and that the book needs to be able to stand-alone, but there was some disagreement on whether the writer should mention in the query letter that it is the first in a planned series. Some said you should so the editors know it's a possibility while others think you shouldn't mention it until you're offered a contract. What are your feelings on this?

    Thank you,


  5. Hi Deb,

    I saw your word count limits in your submission guidelines and had a general question that I've been wondering about for a while. I've heard the advice among various writer's forums that a writer has about a 10% leeway of being under or over word count limits. I'm pretty sure this is relatively accurate in the nonfiction article and short story markets, for the most part. But I've been wondering if it is accurate for novel length works. 10% can get pretty big when you're talking 90,000 words (going as low as 81,000) or 120,000 (going as high as 132,000).



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