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  1. Getting ready to send off my RITA entry. So glad RWA added the Erotic Category!

  2. November has been great. Won 1st place in the Rebecca contest (erotic category) and got my first book contract!

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    2. Angela Johnson

      Angela Johnson

      Congrats Karla. That's absolutely wonderful.


    3. Karla Doyle

      Karla Doyle

      Thank you, Angela :)

    4. Natasha Hoar

      Natasha Hoar

      That's fab, congrats!

  3. On my reservation confirmation for the overflow hotel is says hi-speed internet is available at an additional cost. The amount isn't specified. :S
  4. I'm happy to report that I've found two writers to share the room with this June.
  5. I'm registered and have a hotel room booked for RWA11. Now I just need a roomie...

  6. Now that I'm officially going to RWA11 this summer (woohoo!), I'm looking for a roomie at either of the conference hotels. A bit about me: Age 41, happily married, mom-of-two, dog lover, non-smoker, gym rat, literacy volunteer, entrepreneur, sense of humour (<--note the spelling there... I'm Canadian, and very polite!), unpublished, writer of sizzling contemporary romance. I think that about sums me up! If you're interested in sharing a room (check in Tuesday, check out Saturday), please shoot me an email: writerkarla@rogers.com . See you in NYC
  7. Found out tonight that I was chosen for a conference scholarship to RWA National! I'm still in shock, but thrilled!

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    2. Meranda Rae

      Meranda Rae

      that's wonderful! I'll see you there :)

    3. Karla Doyle

      Karla Doyle

      Thanks, all! I'm beyond excited and very grateful for this opportunity. See you there!

    4. Tess St. John

      Tess St. John

      Wow, that's great!

  8. Congratulations! You must be sooo excited!

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