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  1. RWAOL member Monica Burns is visiting my blog today - to talk about following your passion. Come on by and say hello! http://www.delacroix.net/wordpress/?p=2920

  2. Liv Ventura (fellow RWAOLer) is visiting my blog today. Come on over and say hello to Liv! http://www.delacroix.net/wordpress/?p=2815

  3. Ooo, lookee, lookee - Kim Killion has done new covers for my Jewels of Kinfairlie series! They're down the left side of the page: http://www.delacroix.net/jewels.html

  4. Tess St. John and I are swapping guest posts on our blogs today. Tess is talking about her books on my blog and I'm talking about sources for ideas on hers. Come check it out! http://www.delacroix.net/wordpress/?p=2700

  5. Oooo, yummy yummy new covers for my time travel re-releases from the Amazing Kim Killion. Check out my index page to see them both - they're already on Kindle for $2.99 each. http://www.delacroix.net

  6. Another medieval romance digitally republished! THE WARRIOR has gone to Kindle and soon to Smashwords. Here's the excerpt on my site - and the fab new cover! http://www.delacroix.net/twarrX.html

  7. More backlist uploaded to Smashwords - my romantic comedy with paranormal elements (and tarot cards) LOVE POTION #9 and also my short medieval "The Ballad of Rosamunde". Plus on my Deborah Cooke page there, I published my vampire short "Coven of Mercy". Phew!

    1. Leah Banicki

      Leah Banicki

      i do love smashwords! good going!

    2. Deborah Cooke

      Deborah Cooke

      Thanks Leah. I wish it was a faster process, but you can't have everything. Two of my initial uploads (from April) finally were approved for premium distribution. Success!

  8. DARKFIRE KISS is on sale today! I'm so excited. It seems as if this one took a long time to get to bookstores - or maybe I was just impatient to see Rafferty's story published!

  9. Phew! Three new digital re-releases for me on Smashwords this weekend. That'll do for this month! http://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ClaireDelacroix

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Deborah Cooke

      Deborah Cooke

      Thanks Theresa. :-)

    3. Nola Cross

      Nola Cross

      Congrats, Deb. What a great feeling!

    4. Deborah Cooke

      Deborah Cooke

      Well, it is kind of fun, Nola. I do like the immediate reporting on Amazon and Smashwords. That's addictive stuff!


  10. My Claire Delacroix medieval, THE ROGUE, is now available again, on Kindle! YAY! Here's a bit about this book, which I love so much: http://www.delacroix.net/wordpress/?p=2286

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    2. Deborah Cooke
    3. Leah Banicki

      Leah Banicki

      I bought it last night. read first chapter. So good, took my my mind off my endless editing. Thanks for the escape!

    4. Deborah Cooke
  11. Happy happy writer here - the website for my new YA dragon shifter trilogy is up! http://www.thedragondiaries.com Check it out!

    1. Nola Cross

      Nola Cross

      Deborah - Just beautiful!

  12. WOW! Just got the cover for my second YA! I love it! Take a peek - http://www.deborahcooke.com/zoe.html

    1. Katina Drennan

      Katina Drennan

      Love it. Especially the "smokey" stuff at the bottom.

    2. Deborah Cooke

      Deborah Cooke

      Thanks Katina - I love those swirly smokey bits. Actually I love every bit of it!

  13. I've been invited to teach my all-day workshop at Toronto Romance Writers again. It's called "Romance 101" and I'm booked in for January 14, 2012. Woo HOO! It should be a fun day.

  14. Hi Karen -

    Thanks for buying Coven of Mercy and my other titles! It's fun to put up the shorts and I hope people enjoy them. (You too.)


  15. Hi Karen -

    Thanks for buying Coven of Mercy and my other titles! It's fun to put up the shorts and I hope people enjoy them. (You too.)


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