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  1. Hey everyone! Just a reminder- Tina Holland will be presenting a great workshop beginning Monday the 14th, called Overcoming Your Fears to Get Published. Pop in and leave with some great information :)

    1. Leah Banicki

      Leah Banicki

      Sounds great - I'm gearing up to send out my first query letter soon.Sounds like a good place to start.

    2. Tina Holland

      Tina Holland

      Awe. Thanks Kaylie!

  2. I too, think it will be a great workshop Julie! Lots of good information ahead
  3. Besides all of the wonderful advice these ladies give, they're also a huge support system for me. I love knowing that however I'm feeling on the writing front, there's always several more people here feeling the exact same way
  4. I finally changed my profile picture! Woohoo!! I've been meaning to get rid of that goofy cartoon forever-

  5. I got a Nook for my birthday. I'm in love!

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