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    writing (duh), reading every book I can get my hands on, the more romance the better! Gardening, cooking, Singing/music, shopping, keeping out of trouble

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  1. What a wonderful day to have a birthday...May 10th!! Hope your day has been filled with sunshine, joy, gifts and good wishes... and lots of inspiration ..to write a BS novel this year!!!

  2. What a wonderful day to have a birthday...May 10th!! Hope your day has been filled with sunshine, joy, gifts and good wishes... and lots of inspiration ..to write a BS novel this year!!!

  3. I may be over the top excited about this, but it's my first ever official review of a book that I, Jessica Eldridge aka Constance Ruth Clark, have published!! That is 4 stars from someone who doesn't know me from Eve and still liked my book!! YAY!! The review is at Manic Readers. Now that the first one is over with I can finally relax and wait patiently (ha! who am I kidding?) for the release day, May 2nd. I'm Happy Dancing all over the place!!...

    1. constancerclark


      4 Star Review! Forgot to put that!

    2. constancerclark


      Also forgot to put the name of the book! Past Destinies. Look for it at Lyrical Press

    3. Liv Ventura
  4. My book will be advertised in a major woman's magazine!! Details will follow when I am allowed to spill all!!

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting! If you'd like a hint of my story there is an excerpt now on lyrical press. http://www.lyricalpress.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=81&products_id=327

  6. My book release date is May 2, 2011!! So excited to finally be at this point. Check it out: http://www.lyricalpress.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=81&products_id=327

    1. Chloe Blaire

      Chloe Blaire

      Going to check-it-out right now! How excited you must be :-) Congrats! Join RWA Onlie facebook page. Stay in touch!!

    2. Chloe Blaire

      Chloe Blaire

      Hmmm!! Time travel,; just luv time travel. The exerpt was interesting. May 2nd....bet you're counting the days!

    3. constancerclark


      Yes, I can't wait! Just got the final copy to approve and everything is a green light!

  7. I'm just wondering if anyone else is heading to the Connecticut Fiction Fest on Saturday, April 24th? I'm very excited to bring stuff to pitch but I'm nervous about how it will be received. I'd really appreciate help with my pitch/synopsis. I'm just going to go out on a limb and post it here. Let me have it! 'Past Destinies' Synopsis, a paranormal/historical romance of approximately 60,000 words. Dr. Douglas Coleman travels back in time to 1868 from his posh celebrity lifestyle in the present day with the help of a mysterious old woman named Agatha who reunites soul mates. He now works as a hired man on former Governor Winters Estate where he has met his soul mate in Miss Elizabeth Gates. Elizabeth is very independent and tomboyish, although she does know how to act like a lady and can play that part well. Elizabeth has a horse named Black that she raised from birth and they are devoted to each other. She loves to ride him astride, often secretly dressing up in male attire so she can ride more comfortably. Doug and Elizabeth first meet when Doug saves her life after Elizabeth is thrown from her horse. At first she is suspicious of him but soon realizes that he’s different and falls passionately in love. Unfortunately her father has other ideas for a marriage partner. Elizabeth’s mother died when she was born and her father, unable to cope with the needs of an infant, asked his sister and her husband to raise her. He then left, returning twenty years later expecting his daughter to respect him as her father. This includes obeying him when he tells her whom to marry, being more concerned with the connections Jonas Carver will bring then his daughter’s happiness. Elizabeth refuses to marry Mr. Carver enraging her father who decides to lock her away until she agrees, little knowing how easy it is for her to escape. Carver sees Elizabeth climbing out of her bedroom window in male attire and follows her as she rides Black to the remote spot by the river where she and Doug first made love.. Carver had spied on them then so now decides to take the opportunity to let Elizabeth know he won’t accept soiled goods. Carver surprises and quickly overpowers Elizabeth as she tries to fight against him. Trying to figure out a way to escape she whistles for Black who comes to her rescue in an unexpected way when he attacks Jonas Carver, ultimately causing his death but not before Carver shoots him. Liz leads her wounded horse to the Winters Estate where she hopes Doug will save him. Instead he tells her Black must be put out of his misery, a task Liz insists on completing herself. Watching her selfless act Doug realizes he is in love with Elizabeth and resigns himself to a life in 1868 if that is the only way to stay with her. Agatha returns to ask Doug if he’s ready to go back to the future. He tells her he doesn’t want to leave Liz. The next morning he wakes up in his Hollywood Hills Mansion but Liz isn’t with him. Doug spends the next two weeks grieving for her finally gives in to his need to know what happened by researching her. He finds that she died from a fall from her horse on the date he knows he saved her life. Wondering if he dreamt the whole experience he returns home to find Liz waking up in his bed. Agatha, satisfied that she’s managed to bring together another couple, starts to work on her next set of soul mates.
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