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  1. My second book in the Hot Latin Men series, FIGHT FOR LOVE, was accepted by Amira Press! Half-way through Book 3 now.

  2. Has your partner made a big mistake lately? Tell us about it today at my blog. Just for laughs, finish this sentence: "He owes me jewelry if..." http://delaneydiamond.com/2011/04/04/he-owes-me-jewelry-if/

  3. Take a look at my redesigned FB landing page. Let me know what you think. http://facebook.com/delaneydiamond

    1. Angelia Almos

      Angelia Almos

      I really like it. How do you do that?

    2. Delaney Diamond

      Delaney Diamond

      I'll send you the instructions.

  4. Blogging today about how to satisfy your inner foodie and save money for books. Stop by www.delaneydiamond.com.

  5. Blogging about the ebook industry and how to Test Drive the Kindle for Free (http://delaneydiamond.com)

  6. Eat your way to a satisfying sex life, compliments of my blog post at http://www.affairedecoeur.com/blog/.

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