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  1. After monts of waiting, a requested rewrite, and tons of patience, my hard work paid off. I have an agent!!!

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    2. Sarah Tanner
    3. Susan Lohrer

      Susan Lohrer

      Congratulations. That's wonderful. :-)

    4. Nola Cross

      Nola Cross

      So awesome! Congratulations.

  2. Polishing my ms for the Golden Heart...Is anyone else entering?

    1. Sarah Tanner

      Sarah Tanner

      Yes! I'm also in the process of polishing my ms for the Golden Heart.

  3. Hi, everyone!! I'm a new member to RWAOL but I've been a RWA member for a year. I'm a co-moderator for RWACraft, I'm on the Pro-Education Committee, and I'm a member of CPRW (Central PA Romance Writers). I write Contemporary Westerns and currently have a book with an agent--targeting Harlequin. I'm anxious to get to know everyone and hope to learn a ton!!!

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    2. Beth Geiger

      Beth Geiger

      Welcome! This is an amazing chapter. :)

    3. Susan Lohrer
    4. Tess St. John

      Tess St. John

      Great to have you aboard, Sara!!!! I saw you at challenge, so that's great you're finding your way around!

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