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    I have been involved with writing all my life and throughout my career (a technical writer). I love to read and have to exercise massive control to write instead of read. My passion for swimming came late in life, at 50, when I joined a Master's swim group and got competitive. Out of this grew another life-changing relationship...the SwimKnits. I'm very lucky at this stage in my life to have so many friends and activities. Now, if they'll just let me write!

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  1. Just got word that Mint condition came in Third in the Single Title cagegory in the MORWA Gateway to the Best contest. I keep hoping for a first, but the best part is the great feedback yuget from reviewers.

    1. Patti Fischer

      Patti Fischer

      Congrats!! May 2013 be the year of the sale for you!

    2. Katina Drennan

      Katina Drennan

      Thanks, Working hard on it!

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