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  1. Some goooooood news! My novella, The Stubborn Dead, made RT Book Magazine's '2012 debuts not to miss' list! (And I mentioned RWA Online in one of my answers.) :D

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    2. Lisa Filipe

      Lisa Filipe

      WOO HOO!! Congrats!!

    3. JenShields


      Yayy! Congratulations, I'll be sure to look for The Stubborn Dead!

    4. Natasha Hoar

      Natasha Hoar

      Thanks, Lisa! Much appreciated, Jen! :D

  2. Been away for a bit, but I come back with some good news - my Carina Press novella has an official cover! http://natashahoar.wordpress.com/2011/10/31/12-weeks-to-go-and-we-have-a-cover/

    1. Genevieve Pollock

      Genevieve Pollock

      Awesome cover! Sounds like a really interesting series!

    2. JenShields


      Congratulations! How exciting!

    3. Deanna Chase
  3. Just got the best 'rejection' letter, ever! Chock full of info, and suggestions for revisions. I know eds are busy, but these types of emails mean SO MUCH to us gals trying to get a foot in the door. :D

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    2. Tina Holland

      Tina Holland

      That's awesome Natasha!

    3. Natasha Hoar

      Natasha Hoar

      Thanks, ladies! :D Patti - yes, suggestions for revisions, and invitation to resubmit!

    4. Leah Banicki
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