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  1. Wishing all a calm, *COOL*, quiet Fourth of July~

  2. Turn the calendar to another month, AND turn over a new leaf: JOIN WILL WRITE TODAY, on Challenge, Challenge discussion forum. We want YOU ^.^

  3. If you don't care to weigh-in at WILL WRITE TODAY, eavesdrop and enjoy our chatter on the Challenge, Challenge discussion board! Come-on-over!!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here at RWA Online Chapter!

    1. Lisa Filipe

      Lisa Filipe

      You too!! Happy and HEALTHY!!

    2. Chloe Blaire

      Chloe Blaire

      Enjoy all that food ur facebookin' about!

  5. spent the month submitting!!

  6. Yestreday, joined RWA-WF, a chapter for women's fiction writers. Feels like it'll be a perfect fit!

  7. Cheers to a wonderful birthday, Alannah!!

  8. Happy Birthday, Angelia!! Have a wonderful day !!

  9. A POLL: How many take offense with a novel that starts out with a brief chapter (or prologue) in present day...then goes to twenty + years ago?

    1. Lisa Filipe

      Lisa Filipe

      I happen to like stories that have a past, like The scent of Rain and Lightening...it goes back and forth between present day and twenty plus years in the past!! It's one of my favorites!!

    2. Chloe Blaire

      Chloe Blaire

      Thanks Lisa,. Added a NEW first chapter this morning= the present. Second chapter = twenty eight years earlier.

  10. Got hint there is a PRO LOOP doling information or interview for those of this status. can anyone direct me?

  11. Cheers!! Hope you are having a wonderful Birthday :)

  12. Welcome, Emily! Join us soon on Challenges, challenges! Would love to hear what sub-genre you're writing. Chloe

  13. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Happy Birthday Mary Ann!!

  14. Chloe,

    Thanks for your friendship and to answer your question; my first MS is a romantic suspense and my second one is actually YA romantic suspense/fantasy.

  15. Hey Lisa, Lots of luck with ms. Join us on challenge, challenge on discussion board!

  16. Welcome!! What sub-genre are your 2 mss., Sare? Am willing to crit contemporary romantic suspense or women's fiction. Join us on the challenge board ASAP!!

  17. Am reading a debut novel by self-pubbed author. The story is funny, quirky and can't-put-it-down-interesting, Yet the format is messed up something awful and the e-pages are laden with grammatical errors. Any comments?

    1. Angelia Almos

      Angelia Almos

      You could always email her to let her know you love her story, but please fix the format as it makes it difficult to read. It's possible she might not even know.

  18. Meghan, Hope you have a wonderful Birthday! Enjoy your special day :-)

  19. Wishing you a Happy Birthday! Enjoy your special day, Becky!

  20. What a wonderful day to have a birthday...May 10th!! Hope your day has been filled with sunshine, joy, gifts and good wishes... and lots of inspiration ..to write a BS novel this year!!!

  21. Sufferin' through the loss of our siberian husky, Minx, 13 1/2 yrs. old,...such a perfect pet to 10 granddkids..never a growl, always even tempered. We have lost a wonderful rescue dog!!

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    2. Nola Cross

      Nola Cross

      Chloe, I know that pain. Almost as bad as losing a child. I feel for you.

    3. Pam Trader

      Pam Trader

      Oh, I'm sorry Chloe! Dogs give us such comfort. He had a great life with you.

    4. Chloe Blaire

      Chloe Blaire

      Just getting back to reading the posts. Thanks so much for your support.

  22. Back in saddle! Time to write till finished w/ ms.

  23. Hi Tina, Please join us on Discussion Thread Challenge, Challenge, April Abs! Glad to have you as an OnLine Chapter member. Did you know RWA OnLine Chapter has a facebook page?

  24. Dealing with cancer in a family member (really bad) depression (me) and allergies. Can I write Hell yes !!!

  25. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful day!! Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true !!!

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