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  1. Selling books on Amazon while sleeping is probably the best drug ever!

    1. Angelia Almos

      Angelia Almos

      Woo hoo! You go girl, Leah!

    2. Juliana Ng

      Juliana Ng

      That's awesome! *cheers*

  2. My first book is now in ebook... So fun. http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/57412

    1. Melanie Macek

      Melanie Macek

      That's awesome Leah! I was just looking through ebook publishing options this morning. Good luck with this one!

  3. My first novel is DONE and sent to my distributors. After the editing cave I feel free. Nothiing to do but wait for my book to arrive in the mail!

  4. Happy Birthday Juliana. Hope you are more rested and have a great birthday!

  5. Hi Leah, I missed your comment on my cover. Thanks. I love it. I know you are planning on self-pubbing. If you don't already have a cover designer, the lady who did Horse Charmer is super fast and reasonable price.

  6. on cloud 9. Had a friend of a friend proofread my book for fresh eyes and she has read half the book in one day and then called me to declare she loves my book! She even quoted my book back to me. Best feeling ever!!

    1. Angelia Almos

      Angelia Almos

      Congrats! Always nice to get good feedback just to let you know you are on the right track.

    2. Leah Banicki

      Leah Banicki

      Thanks Angelia - my proofreader has finished and even gave me a few places to tweak and she can't wait to buy it. hurray!

  7. I am working on a Contemp romance piece too.

    Just got done with my kid being on spring break from school. Finally can get back to work. :)

  8. welcome Roni, glad you joined us.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a great one.

  10. Welcome Melanie - If you need anything just holler. everyone here has been friendly and helpful!

  11. Cheering you on for your April goal. What kind of scene are you working on this week?

  12. WIP - I am diving into my second book, big emotional scene coming up. I hate breaking my girl's heart but life happens.

  13. I saw it was your birthday today! I thought I would drop by since the messaging system is still down, and wish you much happiness, love, joy and laughter :-) Hope the coming new year is a great one.

  14. i will be ready to write the next workshop lesson after changing 80,000 words - Title; TAKING YOUR NOVEL FROM PAST TO PRESENT TENSE by: Leah B

  15. had the 3 am bolt out of bed and write out a scene last night. Found the hero for my newest WIP. I think I may be in love aready.

  16. Writinga synopsis and need some help.

    1. Juliana Ng

      Juliana Ng

      I was just looking at the RWA University lessons the other day. Have you checked it out? There's a series on synopsis that you might be interested in.

    2. Leah Banicki

      Leah Banicki

      awesome will check it out - Thanks!

    3. Angelia Almos

      Angelia Almos

      Did you see we are going to be having a synopsis class in October? A little ways off, but it'll be here before we know it.

  17. I told a close friend today that the wardrobe for writing and surviving the flu were exactly the same! :)

  18. I really like the cover for horse charmer. Creative and charming :D

  19. learned about a new program, Ghostreader, using it for my manuscript. its awesome. My hubby was even impressed.

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