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  1. Um, is anyone having problems seeing the forums when they're logged in? I've paid my renewal (and it looks like it's been processed, because I see the expiry for 2013) and it's not April 1, so I'm not sure if this is at all related to the renewal system, or if it's just me? When I'm logged in, I see none of the forums--it's just one blank page. If I try to go into the forums directly, I get a permissions error.

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    2. Pam Trader

      Pam Trader

      The board is doing it's usual end-of-the-membership-year barf-o-rama on me. Please be patient. It may take a few days to get everyone back on board.

    3. Pam Trader

      Pam Trader

      Juliana - you should be good now. If not, try refreshing your browser.

    4. Juliana Ng

      Juliana Ng

      Yay! Everything looks great on my end. Thank you, Pam!

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