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    Reading....I love to read, everything and all, just ask my husband who tried to ban me from reading the Twilight Series for the ninth time....haha. Not a huge TV watcher, but I do love DTWS and The Bachelor!! I love to bake...you name it and I bake it, have a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe, yummy! My girlfriends refer to me as grandma, now you know how I got the nickname!!

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  1. Our very own, Kaylie Newell is chatting over at A Tasty Read today, and I am hosting a Tasty Giveaway of her NEW RELEASE, http://atastyread.blogspot.com

    1. Lisa Filipe

      Lisa Filipe

      Giveaway is running until Friday Night!! Don't forget to enter!!

  2. SHARE THE LOVE GIVEAWAY Hosted by A Tasty Read and Author, Toni Aleo. Come over and enter! http://atastyread.blogspot.com/

    1. JenShields


      Entered! And I saw your great review of Kaylie Newell's book too!

  3. Ladies, Giving Away the Complete McCarthy's of Gansett Island Series to one lucky winner, http://atastyread.blogspot.com

  4. My Favorite Books Giveaway starts today Ladies..http://atastyread.blogspot.com, Just tells me about you Most Memorable Christmas Gift!!

    1. JenShields


      You spoil your followers!

  5. Author, Stephanie Rowe is Guest Blogging over at http://atastyread.blogspot.com, She has some Hysterical ideas for the teens in your life who need some Gift Giving Advice!

  6. Author Candis Terry is hanging out at http://atastyread.blogspot.com and I am giving away her Sugar Shack Series!! Come over and leave a comment to enter!!

    1. JenShields


      Loved your interview!

  7. Hey Guys....I have Louisa Edwards hanging out over at http://Atastyread.blogspot.com Today! Come over and check out her interview and Enter for a chance to win, Some Like It Hot, her New Release!

  8. Giving Away a copy of SEAL of My Dreams at http://atastyread.blogspot.com, Just leave a comment about a TRUE HERO !!

  9. For anyone who has a Facebook, next time you are on, Search for A TASTY READ, its my blog's facebook page and I would be honored if you all would "LIKE" it!! Or check out my blog @ http://atastyread.blogspot.com and become a follower!!

  10. We need people to sign up for KIA, our month long writing challenge!! Sign up now on the KIA Marathon Thread!!

  11. Was not chosen as a finalist in the NJRW Put Your Heart in a Book Contest, BUT, yes there is a but, did receive some decent scores back from the Judges....One even gave me a 123 out of 145. It gives me hope!!

    1. Chloe Blaire

      Chloe Blaire

      Sounds enormously encouraging. Congrats on the wonderful news!

  12. Does anyone else HATE rejection?? When that thread of hope is snapped....its sad!!

    1. Chloe Blaire

      Chloe Blaire

      As bad (maybe worse) is the limbo of no response to your sub:)

  13. Finally into Chapter 3, exciting!! Just gotta get motivated to keep going....the book won't write itself!!

    1. Amy Lamont

      Amy Lamont

      Keep up the good work, Lisa!

    2. Melanie Macek

      Melanie Macek

      It's a challenge to find the time, but I have a feeling you'll do it. :) Keep plugging away!

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