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  1. Got good news. HOWLIN HEARTS won the 2012 BEACON paranormal category for unpublished manuscripts. AND I got a full request from one of the final round judges. Woohoo! Progress!

    1. Katina Drennan

      Katina Drennan

      Wow! That's great. Go Girl!

    2. Patti Fischer

      Patti Fischer

      Congrats!!! That is great news and what a wonderful Christmas present. Good luck with the request.

  2. I'm kristalwrites @ NaNoWriMo

    1. Joie Lesin

      Joie Lesin

      I sent an add buddy request, Kristal. I'm WriteJoy @ NanoWriMo.

  3. Good news! My paranormal romance, Howlin Hearts, finaled in the FCRW Unpublished Beacon. I'm doing the Happy Feet dance.

    1. Patti Fischer

      Patti Fischer

      Congrats!!! I finaled in that contest a few years ago. Enjoy to feeling. You deserve it!!!

    2. Joie Lesin

      Joie Lesin

      That's wonderful news, Kristal. Congrats!

    3. Kristal Hollis
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