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  1. Hey everyone!  Have you seen your Member's Profile page?  Learn about your fellow chapter members by clicking on their name in any post.  

  2. Hi everyone!

    What are you doing for Thanksgiving?  This year I'm trying to "make-ahead" as much as possible so that I can relax more tomorrow.  I've got some decadent mulled spice wine cranberry sauce, sage and sausage dressing, creamy mashed potatoes, and the pumpkin pie filling all chilling in the fridge.

    How's your preparations going?

  3. Thanks so very much for all of your patience as we moved the forums and website to a new server.  

    There were nights I didn't think we were going to make it, but the tech support teams came through in spades!

    If you find something wrong, feel free to let me know.  I'm still working the kinks out of the new software, but I think we'll find our new home very comfortable!

  4. Happy Birthday, Patti Fischer!

  5. Yes, we're having problems with the boards remembering who is a member. Most problems occur if you were a new member last year, and renewed this year. The software doesn't recognize you (despite my whining to the developer). I will fix if you let me know who you are. Otherwise we should catch you when we run the lists over the next few days.

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    2. GeneneHirsch


      I just became a new member and can't see the forums either. Hope it gets fixed soon, thanks!

    3. GeneneHirsch


      p.s. I noticed I can't edit my profile either - I'm not being recognized as a member even though I paid.

    4. MaryAnneMaloney



      How long will it take for payment for membership to be processed? I paid through the client area for a full membership last week, but still do not have access to the boards. I was wondering if I paid in the wrong place and it got lost somewhere? I have the receipt for the payment from Pay pal.

  6. Sketching Historical Characters starts 8/10!

  7. Sketching Historical Characters starts 8/10!

  8. Going to apply a new software upgrade to the boards in the next few days. Be patient and look for improvements!

    1. Chloe Blaire

      Chloe Blaire

      Updated OnLine RWA page is *LOOKIN' GOOD*. Thanks for your hard work Pam!!

  9. I'm hanging out my shingle: WebdoggieMX is open for business maintaining your website.

  10. Did you know you can check the status of your current board access just by scrolling down this page? Look below these status updates for a Current Subscription block.

  11. Everyone should check their Manage Paid Subscriptions (click the arrow by your name at the top of the page) to make sure their renewal was updated OK. Thanks!

    1. Lori Leger

      Lori Leger

      Hey Pam, I see the arrow, but when I click on it the list shows for a split second, then disappears before I can pay my subscription renewal fee. Help!

    2. Lori Leger

      Lori Leger

      Hey Pam, I see the arrow, but when I click on it the list shows for a split second, then disappears before I can pay my subscription renewal fee. Help!

    3. Pam Trader
  12. It's time to nominate a new RWAOL Board of Directors. We need committed volunteers to run this chapter!

  13. The wild plot bunnies have been corralled into something that makes sense!

  14. Join me in the "I Hate Plotting" club!

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    2. Sara Ellwood

      Sara Ellwood

      Nope, I suppose not...I usually come up with an ending to a story first and then the beginning. I figure out the characters and the GMCs, and a turning point or two. But honestly that's it. If you want me to write out a plotline with scenes already figured out...I can't and if I try I lose the story.

    3. Deborah Cooke

      Deborah Cooke

      Laurie - that's how and why most authors learn to write them!

      Patti and Sara - it's less a case of plotting out every scene than marking the turning points.

      Hmm. I feel a board topic coming on...

    4. Pam Trader

      Pam Trader

      I don't want you guys to think I'm doing more than what I am - it's just turning points and main story idea stuff. You've got to see Pam Hathaway for REAL plotting outlines. Not me!

  15. What do you mean I have to change the subplot to the plot?

  16. RWA Nationals is like Christmas - we spend weeks looking forward to it, and then when it's over, life is boring again.

  17. It's Friday and I'm going to write today! Say it with me!

    1. Susan Lohrer

      Susan Lohrer

      Yeah! Writing today! (Off to disconnect Internet . . .)

  18. It's Monday. Need I say more?

  19. says it's FRIDAY! I think it's a day for Tell Me A Story!

    1. Ree Mancini

      Ree Mancini

      You put it up and I'll participate this go around.

  20. wants you to use the status updates like you do in Facebook!

  21. wonders how Monday is going to be!

  22. Thanks for keeping this board so great

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