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  1. Yes, we're having problems with the boards remembering who is a member. Most problems occur if you were a new member last year, and renewed this year. The software doesn't recognize you (despite my whining to the developer). I will fix if you let me know who you are. Otherwise we should catch you when we run the lists over the next few days.

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    2. GeneneHirsch


      I just became a new member and can't see the forums either. Hope it gets fixed soon, thanks!

    3. GeneneHirsch


      p.s. I noticed I can't edit my profile either - I'm not being recognized as a member even though I paid.

    4. MaryAnneMaloney



      How long will it take for payment for membership to be processed? I paid through the client area for a full membership last week, but still do not have access to the boards. I was wondering if I paid in the wrong place and it got lost somewhere? I have the receipt for the payment from Pay pal.

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