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  1. Join me in the "I Hate Plotting" club!

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    2. Sara Ellwood

      Sara Ellwood

      Nope, I suppose not...I usually come up with an ending to a story first and then the beginning. I figure out the characters and the GMCs, and a turning point or two. But honestly that's it. If you want me to write out a plotline with scenes already figured out...I can't and if I try I lose the story.

    3. Deborah Cooke

      Deborah Cooke

      Laurie - that's how and why most authors learn to write them!

      Patti and Sara - it's less a case of plotting out every scene than marking the turning points.

      Hmm. I feel a board topic coming on...

    4. Pam Trader

      Pam Trader

      I don't want you guys to think I'm doing more than what I am - it's just turning points and main story idea stuff. You've got to see Pam Hathaway for REAL plotting outlines. Not me!

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