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  1. It's Friday and I'm going to write today! Say it with me!

    1. Susan Lohrer

      Susan Lohrer

      Yeah! Writing today! (Off to disconnect Internet . . .)

  2. It's Monday. Need I say more?

  3. says it's FRIDAY! I think it's a day for Tell Me A Story!

    1. Ree Mancini

      Ree Mancini

      You put it up and I'll participate this go around.

  4. wants you to use the status updates like you do in Facebook!

  5. wonders how Monday is going to be!

  6. Note: RWA Online will also be offering this workshop 1 – 30th June 2010. Our prices are FREE for chapter members and $15 for non-chapter members.
  7. Thanks for keeping this board so great

  8. All of our classes are done in an asynchronous environment, which is tech talk for the concept that people don't have to be online at the same time to take classes together. As Jess said, lectures will be posted, and you just come along and read them, ask questions, and post homework whenever you can, whether that's sneaking onto a computer at lunchtime or posting in the wee hours before breakfast. Whatever works best for you.
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