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  1. I can't seem to download the scrivener template. My Scrivener is up to date. I have an older Apple iMac with Safari 11.1. The message I'm getting is that Safari can't open the app. I'm doing everything according to the directions and video. Any hints?



  2. Welcome, Lovilen! I always find that workshops are great motivators when I'm feeling stuck on a story (or just plain ol' procrastinating). There's something about having "assignments" that lights a fire under me and energizes me. I hope the exercises in this workshop do the same for you and your project.

    (ps: I'm posting this here because the Welcome thread seems to be having some glitches and won't let me save some of the replies. Computers are weird. LOL!)

    1. Lovilen Edwards

      Lovilen Edwards

      Hello Catherine! I just saw this although I've been checking the thread every night!

      I'm a bit slow on the assignments but certainly, this workshop is giving me a bit of direction. Keep up the good work!

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