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  1. Are you a Plotter or a Pantser? Even though these writing processes seem wildly different, would you believe that Plotters and Pantsers often experience similar struggles and make similar mistakes when creating a story? An inefficient writing process that bogs you down in the face of a schedule. Story arcs that fall apart during the latter stages of the manuscript. Story premises that fail to keep the reader engaged. Scenes that seem clunky or out of the flow. Regardless of your preferred style, the cavalry is coming! Larry Brooks—author of writing craft gems Great Stories Don’t Write Themselves, Story Fix, and Story Engineering—presents a full day workshop to examine the criteria that drive the arc of a story and the writing process itself. At the workshop, Larry will examine: · How to vet the writing conversation and recognize what works for you. · How to make your writing process—any writing process—more efficient. · The rarely plumbed depths of the story conception stage, where story ideas must become viable, fully-wired premises. · The essential nature of scenes, and the criteria that make them work. · The truth about story structure, which is more an issue of flow and context than simply advancing plot. Who this session is for: · Beginning novelists looking to advance their story intuition · Professional novelists who’ve hit a wall or need a reboot · Novelists in any genre seeking to up their game · Writers seeking to better understand “the sum of the parts” of story Whether a Plotter, Pantser, or “I have no clue”, join Larry in Austin on February 29 for a session in enhancing your writing by retooling your thought process. Seats are limited, so sign up soon! Register Here: https://austinrwa.org/arwa-presents-larry-brooks/ Cost: $125 per person and includes a salad buffet lunch Time: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Location: Norris Conference Center, 2525 W. Anderson Lane #365, Austin, TX 78757
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