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  1. Good news and bad news. I've been offline for a bit b/c my mom was ill.  She passed on May 3. I haven't been writing, but I am back at it today and it feels great. The good news is that when I pitched online in Feb for KissPitch on Twitter an agent requested the first 25 pages. She read those and said she "loved my first pages and premise and wanted to see how  my voice and characters develop." So she requested 50 pages. Fingers crossed. I hope you all have been having GREAT writing days! 🙂  

    1. Patti Fischer

      Patti Fischer

      I'm sorry about your mother. When mine passed away back in 2003, it took a while for me to get back to writing because she was the one who introduced me to romance books.

      As for the request... Yay!!! Congrats!! 🙌

    2. Karen Jones

      Karen Jones

      Just repeating what Patti said. So sorry about your mother.

      Congratulations on the request. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


    3. Misti Moyer

      Misti Moyer

      Sorry for your loss and congrats on the request. Big hugs

  2. Just wanted to say "Hi!"  I just joined today!  Looking forward to talking to all of you.  :-) 

    1. Charity Kuczynski

      Charity Kuczynski

      Welcome Ingram! :) Hope you enjoy the community here. 

    2. Ingram Edwards

      Ingram Edwards

      Thank you!  :-)