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About Me

My mother loved books. I came home from school one day to find her sitting on the floor, reading one, with the humming vacuum cleaner next to her, forgotten.

My dad found the amount of books in our house baffling. He stepped over a pile one day and said to me, "If you love books so much, why don't you try writing one?"

I did. I was a teacher and wrote software manuals for extra money. Then I moved into adult training and wrote courses and books for others until I plucked up the courage to publish under my own name. I self-published my first book in 2012 on the advice of a hybrid author friend, who said self-publishing is the way to go if you want to make money from writing. I followed it with 11 more, all non-fiction apart from one middle-grade novel.

I ventured into reading romance as a way to heal grief following the death of both my parents within month of each other. Now I'm venturing into having a go at writing it - eek!

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