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  1. One quick comment, which is receiving the lesson directly to my email box rather than searching around on the Loop is Great! Thanks for that.


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    2. Kerry Blaisdell

      Kerry Blaisdell

      This may be a question for the moderators, because I didn't do anything specific to make it happen.  :)  I think it MAY be because Shirley opted to "follow" me on the RWAOL forum site (here), which I'm guessing means she gets anything I post emailed directly to her? But if you don't follow me, you can view the posts on the class forum, but not have them emailed?

      If you try following me, and that doesn't do the trick, I would suggest posting the question in the "Instructions for using the forum" thread of the class.


    3. Sarah McGregor

      Sarah McGregor

      Me too. I thought it was on the notifications settings at the top of the page. I keep clicking different options, but I'm still not getting emails...



      Honestly, I don't know what I did. 


  2. Hi Melody, 

    I love BookBrush and Unsplash too, didn't know it was amateurs, they do an amazing job indeed. Thanks for the heads up about how you create such tremendous Tweets daily. Will try one for homework. 



    1. Melody DeBlois

      Melody DeBlois

      Hi Shirley.

      Thank you. I find the tweet ads usually relaxing to do after a day of working. I think the ads fulfil a creative need like knitting or sewing used to in the old days before writing. 


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