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  1. Happy birthday, Chiron. :)

  2. Thanks for the lovely compliment, Darlene!

    I'll join you in denial about that silly myth about age. *grin* In 1932 at the age of 65, Laura Ingalls published the first of the "Little House" books. Woo-hoo! I have a theory about this. People who are happy don't worry about age, because we know Life Is Always Just Beginning.

    SO glad to have you as a f...

  3. Your inspirations are always Awesome!!! Thanks for keeping us posted and inspired.

  4. Welcome, Leslie!! Look forward to *seeing* your smiling face! --Chiron
  5. Gee, I didn't even realize this handy-dandy feature existed until I got your notice. Thanks for sharing!!! I don't think I've been back to my profile since I set it up! (lol)

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