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Characterization: Making Strengths and Weaknesses Work for You Workshop Participant
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  1. Linnea, Sorry I don't know what I have done wrong, but I cannot see Lesson 2

    1. Linnea Sinclair

      Linnea Sinclair

      https://rwaonlinechapter.org/Boards/forum/325-characterization-making-strengths-and-weaknesses-work-for-you-presented-by-linnea-sinclair/    is the main link. 

      Lesson Two is here: 

      How to post and create your own homework folder for each lesson is here

      What I've done is "starred" or saved these links to my homepage on Chrome/Google. I don't know what computer system you work on. That's the easiest way for me. 

      One of the moderators who can help is Karen https://rwaonlinechapter.org/Boards/profile/228-karen-n-jones/



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