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    Interests include Florida history, hiking, travel, and science fiction fandom.

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  1. I'm shopping WHAT THE PARROT SAW and beginning an untitled Book #9.

  2. My WIP, book #8, is 50% done! Working Title: What The Parrot Saw

  3. The Pirate's Secret Baby, coming in March, 2014.

  4. CASTAWAY DREAMS--On Sale Now!

  5. New cover art! CASTAWAY DREAMS, coming May, 2012.

  6. I've got snazzy new cover art! http://amberquill.com/pics/SeaChange.jpg

    1. Deborah Cooke

      Deborah Cooke

      Congrats, Darlene - your cover ROCKS!


    2. Leah Banicki

      Leah Banicki

      Great cover- love the ship and the hunk is yummy!

  7. I'm interviewed in N. Ctr. Fla. Business Report, just in time for Valentine's Day: http://bit.ly/fztVLH

    1. Darlene Marshall

      Darlene Marshall

      It's p. 25 of the PDF, Feb. issue.

  8. In Melbourne, Australia, for Aussiecon4, the World Science Fiction Convention.

    1. Deborah Cooke

      Deborah Cooke

      I'm a thousand shades of green, Darlene! Have a great time, and tell us all about it when you get back!

    2. Keziah Hill

      Keziah Hill

      Hey Darlene how did it go? Did you meet any RWAust people? I know a few were going.

    3. Darlene Marshall

      Darlene Marshall

      Jeez, I need to check my messages more often! @Keziah--Didn't meet any RWA folks there, but did meet quite a few Aussie paranormal writers. @Deborah--Had a lovely time and blogged about it over at Darlene's Digest. It was my second visit and I'd love to go back.

  9. Enjoying my new Beacon for The Bride and the Buccaneer

    1. Ree Mancini
    2. Darlene Marshall

      Darlene Marshall

      Thanks, I'm thrilled to have won!

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