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  1. ***Permission to forward granted*** RWA® Online presents: Editor’s First Aid: CPR for Your Dying Manuscript presented by Lynnette Labelle Maybe the horror stories about the hard road to publication are keeping you from finishing your novel. Maybe you've had one too many rejections with no explanation. No matter what is killing your writing, it’s time to breathe a little life into your manuscript. Not sure where to start? As a freelance editor, I'm telling you there’s only one surefire way to avoid the dreaded rejection slip—know your craft. And I mean really learn it.
  2. PS...our chapter members get the workshops for free.... I think that's a valuable benefit of joining RWA Online.
  3. HI Katherine, I only show you as a workshop participant. You have to belong to RWA Online to view the critique info on RWA Online. http://www.rwaonlinechapter.org/joinus.htm
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  5. Hi Katherine.... You might want to check out this: http://lynnettelabelle.com/chatterbox-chitchat/the-great-critique-group-matchmaking-service-is-here/ Lynnette is a RWA Online chapter member. Other than that.... RWA Online Chapter does have a critique partner matching service, but I am not sure how active it is right now and you have to belong to RWA Online (and RWA).
  6. *****PLEASE FORWARD****** RWA® Online Chapter #136 November online workshop. http://www.rwaonlinechapter.org/campus.htm The Business of Writing …presented by Pepper O'Neal Workshop dates: Nov 17-Dec 16, 2011 Registration is now open Cost: $15 Chapter members take the class for free. About the Workshop: You’ve finished your novel, magazine article, or non-fiction work and are ready to send it out. Now what? Are you really ready for it to sell? Have you thought about how to handle all the business details that come with success? Are you taking advantage of the tax breaks that come fro
  7. Arrested Pleasure released 9/26 from Noble Romance: https://www.nobleromance.com/Books/334/Arrested-Pleasure This is the one I pulled out and revised earlier this year. Thank you, RWA Online for the encouragement to do it. :)

    1. Lisa Filipe

      Lisa Filipe

      YAY...Congrats Girl!!

  8. ***Permission to Forward granted and appreciated**** RWA® Online Chapter 136 Presents: Developing Historical Character Sketches with instructor Kimberly Killion August 10-21, 2011 About the Class: Do you have a unique premise? Do editors and agents often comment on how interesting your plot is, but reject you because your characters fell flat? Chances are you aren’t developing your characters to their full potential. In this workshop, award-winning author and RITA nominee, Kimberly Killion, will teach you how to develop characters who jump off the page and into the reader’s mind. Class
  9. Cheers!! Hope you are having a wonderful Birthday :)

  10. How is it going with the RWR now, Jan?
  11. Biteless in Seattle released last Monday but only now getting around to having time to promo.

    1. Patti Fischer

      Patti Fischer

      Hah, I meant to post the link, but the message posted... https://www.nobleromance.com/Books/287

    2. Angelia Almos

      Angelia Almos

      Is this the story you submitted after they visited?

    3. Patti Fischer
  12. Biteless in Seattle released last Monday but only now getting around to having time to promo.

  13. Deep into edits on a book to be released end of the month.

  14. ****Please Forward**** RWA® Online Chapter 136 is now accepting workshop proposals for 2012. We are seeking a variety of online workshops to include the following: Editing and revising. Pursuing publication without the aid of an agent. Self publishing. Pitching. Writing steamy love scenes. Contest judging. Plotting. Body language. Deep POV. Writing a synopsis. Query letters. Goal setting and organization. Any other type of workshop proposal will also be considered. We welcome all inquiries. All of our workshops are conducted via our online forum and last anywhere from two
  15. Okay, looks like the board software has booted some of you out. Please have patience. You can post here so we can see it but we are working on it. Remember that most of us have jobs and other things outside of this chapter.
  16. Trying to keep my head above water. :(

    1. Leah Banicki

      Leah Banicki

      cheering you on!

    2. Angelia Almos
    3. Liv Ventura

      Liv Ventura

      Keep paddling...you'll soon reach the shallows

  17. Yes, please have patience. We are discovering problems with the paypal settings.... Let us know if you paid and still get locked out. Thanks.
  18. Samanthya, since you are a member you don't need to register or sign up. You get to take the workshop for free. You just jump in. You can find the workshop here: http://www.rwaonlinechapter.org/Boards/index.php?showforum=231
  19. Various RWA chapter workshops offered. If any questions about them, you will need to contact them. I'm only passing along the info. DDRWA April Online Class - COMPLETING YOUR MYSTERY Posted by: "Debora Dennis" deboradennis@gmail.com deboradennis Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:59 am (PST) *****PERMISSION TO FORWARD GRANTED AND ENCOURAGED** *** * * Dunes & Dreams RWA Chapter 215 April 2011 Online Workshop. http://www.dunesanddreams.org/writing-workshops Cost: $10 D&D members, $25 all others. Payable in US funds only. * * * * April 4th – 29TH COMPLETING YOUR MYSTERY!With Jacqueline
  20. Several to list here.... ****Please forward to your members**** The Maumee Valley Romance Writers of America (Toledo, Ohio) is preparing for our annual Spring Book Lover's Event to be held March 26, 2011. This outreach to the community is set at a local library and shines a spotlight on the romance genre and our chapter by giving away free books and meeting with readers and writers alike. We are asking RWA writers to donate books and promotional items for our give-away and the goodie bags. Autographed books are especially appreciated and always a big hit with those who attend. Last year
  21. Here is a list of chapter conferences. Any questions, contact them. **Permission to forward** Come join us in the beautiful Northwest April 22 through April 24, 2011 for a weekend focused on meeting and talking with agents/editors and learning all the career and professional challenges, tips and information that make up the wonderful world of the publishing industry. Check out the information on our website at: http://www.rosecityromancewriters.com/Retreats/2011/SpringIntensive.html for hotel information and a schedule of events. Here’s whose coming: Agents: Barbara Poelle – Irene G
  22. Here are a listing of some of the various chapter workshops. If you have any questions, contact them. ********************************* Permission to Forward: ON-LINE W ORKSHOP: April 4 - 29, 2011 -- Can This Manuscript be Saved? ONLY OFFERED ON-LINE ONCE IN 2011! Don't miss this opportunity. INSTRUCTOR: Susan Meier DEADLINE TO REGISTER: April 2, 2011 COURSE CONTENT: Rejected? Can't get an agent? Can't sell, even though your critique partners LOVE your work? Susan Meier reviews the seven most common rejection catch phrases and explains how determining whether your problem is a story,
  23. ***Permission to forward granted and encouraged*** Yosemite Romance Writers is accepting proposals for 2011 and 2012 (4 week workshops). Our workshops are conducted via invitation only Yahoo listserv and are open to everyone. Please include your email, class description and a brief bio. 2011 dates available: June, July, August, September, October and November. 2012 is open with exception of May. All proposals should be addressed to: Sheri Humphreys yrwpres@yahoo.com Thank You
  24. Finally finished with what I call the final round of edits on this manuscript. Now onto preparing it for submitting to a publisher.

    1. Kaylie Newell

      Kaylie Newell

      Thumbs up, Patti!!!

    2. Leah Banicki

      Leah Banicki

      I am in the same process. I wish you well.

    3. Tina Holland
  25. Ah, yes, what goes on behind the curtain. Well, right now we are discussing connecting with each other (and RWA Online) on facebook and twitter. One of our members posted her cover for her first book. Another reported on getting not one, but two requests. Then there is the usual "I have a question about --- (fill in the blanks)" whenever a member needs help with a plot point or discussing character names. And this is just for March.
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