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  1. *****PLEASE FORWARD******

    RWA® Online Chapter #136

    November online workshop.


    The Business of Writing …presented by Pepper O'Neal

    Workshop dates: Nov 17-Dec 16, 2011

    Registration is now open

    Cost: $15

    Chapter members take the class for free.

    About the Workshop:

    You’ve finished your novel, magazine article, or non-fiction work and are ready to send it out. Now what? Are you really ready for it to sell? Have you thought about how to handle all the business details that come with success? Are you taking advantage of the tax breaks that come from simply finishing the work-in-progress?

    For instance: If you write in a pen name, who will hold the copyright to your book? Did you know that a single rejection letter can save you thousands in income taxes? Do you know how to set up a small business and deal with things like getting a tax ID number? Do you know how to avoid a random audit on your business and personal income taxes and how to keep red flags off your tax returns? Should you set up a corporation or an LLC? And what’s the difference? And how do you make a small business a sub-chapter S corporation? What are the tax advantages of doing so? What is a registered agent, why do you need one, and how do you get one? Can you prepare the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, etc., for your small business? When should you just use an assumed name for your business, and how do you get one? Will your small business require a business license?

    The class will handle all this and more. From whether or not setting up a business is the right decision for you, to how to go about setting it up, what kind of business to set up, and how to minimize your tax liability. All on a shoestring. If you’re serious about being a professional writer, this class is for you.

    About Pepper O'Neal:

    Pepper O'Neal has a paralegal degree from the University Of San Diego Law School and has over twelve years’ experience working with business attorneys in both California and Oregon. Though she’s self-employed as a full-time researcher and non-fiction writer, she still freelances for attorneys throughout the US, doing research and preparing legal documents for them. She’s also worked a number of years with tax attorneys and consultants in helping business clients reduce their tax liabilities. She also has a doctorate in education and has been involved in the initial setup of a number of education related small businesses from daycare facilities to community educational centers. Over the years, she has taught a great number of adult education classes on many different subjects. Visit her website at pepperoneal.com to read more about Pepper and her upcoming releases.

    Payment method: PAYPAL is recommended! Checks and money orders also accepted, but register early and mail your payment promptly. No person will be allowed in unless payment is received.

    Format: Courses are conducted via online discussion (bulletin) board on the RWA® Online website (no email loops). Non-chapter members MUST complete both the workshop registration AND the discussion board login registration for access.

    To register, click here: http://www.rwaonlinechapter.org/campus.htm

    Hope to see you there!

    Thank you.

  2. ***Permission to Forward granted and appreciated****

    RWA® Online Chapter 136 Presents:

    Developing Historical Character Sketches with instructor Kimberly Killion

    August 10-21, 2011

    About the Class:

    Do you have a unique premise? Do editors and agents often comment on how interesting your plot is, but reject you because your characters fell flat? Chances are you aren’t developing your characters to their full potential. In this workshop, award-winning author and RITA nominee, Kimberly Killion, will teach you how to develop characters who jump off the page and into the reader’s mind.

    Class features: lectures, examples, discussion, and an expanding worksheet. By the completion of the class, you should know your characters inside and out from the way they smell to how they curse.

    About Kimberly Killion:

    Award-winning author, Kimberly Killion, has been hailed by Romantic Times Magazine as an author who writes “captivating romance with excellent pacing and characters who are honorable, intelligent and full of humanity.” Her debut book, Her One Desire, was nominated for the romance-publishing industry's highest award of distinction, the RITA® Award. Her One Desire won the 2009 Booksellers Best Award for both Long Historical and Best First Book. In addition, Kimberly’s writing was recognized in the 2009 National Readers’ Choice Awards, the 2009 Golden Quill Awards, the 2009 and 2010 HOLT Medallion, and the 2010 Lories Best Published. Romantic Times Magazine awarded Kimberly’s second Scottish-set novel, Highland Dragon (Kensington 2009), with the K.I.S.S. Award and said this is “a tale to cherish.”

    She is excited about her recent releases from Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Educating Aphrodite and Taming a Highland Devil. Visit her website at www.KimberlyKillion.com

    Cost for the work shop is $15 for non chapter members. Chapter members take the class for free.

    To learn more and register for the class, go to our Writer’s Campus page at www.rwaonlinechapter.org

    You need to register no later than August 9, 2011.

    Note: to join RWA Online Chapter 136, the cost is $25 and includes our workshops for free. See more on the Join Us page


    Patti Fischer

    email: president@rwaonlinechapter.org

    President, RWA Online Chapter 136

  3. ****Please Forward****

    RWA® Online Chapter 136 is now accepting workshop proposals for 2012. We are seeking a variety of online workshops to include the following:

    Editing and revising.

    Pursuing publication without the aid of an agent.

    Self publishing.


    Writing steamy love scenes.

    Contest judging.


    Body language.

    Deep POV.

    Writing a synopsis.

    Query letters.

    Goal setting and organization.

    Any other type of workshop proposal will also be considered. We welcome all inquiries.

    All of our workshops are conducted via our online forum and last anywhere from two to four weeks. We are looking to book any months from February 2012 to December 2012.

    Our website is located at www.rwaonlinechapter.org

    If you’re interested or have questions, please email Patti Fischer at president@rwaonlinechapter.org

    Include your name, email address, class description and bio.

    Thank you…and please forward to your groups and any interested persons.

    Patti Fischer

    President, RWA Online Chapter 136

    ****Please Forward****

  4. I noticed per your submissions page that Noble also has a Sweetheart line. It says:

    1. Sweethearts are non-erotic romance stories with very strong romantic threads.

    2. Little to no sexual content. The focus is on the developing romantic relationship and the underlying story.

    Can you give examples of what this means?

    Sometimes a story might have several love scenes in it but not be really graphic. Would this fall under the erotic line?

  5. Various RWA chapter workshops offered. If any questions about them, you will need to contact them. I'm only passing along the info. :)


    Posted by: "Debora Dennis" deboradennis@gmail.com deboradennis

    Fri Mar 11, 2011 3:59 am (PST)


    * *

    Dunes & Dreams RWA Chapter 215 April 2011 Online Workshop.


    Cost: $10 D&D members, $25 all others. Payable in US funds only.

    * *

    * *

    April 4th – 29TH

    COMPLETING YOUR MYSTERY!With Jacqueline Corcoran

    Description: Do you have an idea for a mystery or one that you have started

    and then gotten stuck on? Then this workshop is for you. The writer will be

    taken step-by-step through the process of opening the mystery, creating

    characters, plotting, and writing scenes, dialogue, and description by using

    the advice, ideas, and exercises provided by the instructor. The class will

    motivate you, provide you with as much feedback as you want, and give you

    the necessary logic and depth necessary to create a mystery that satisfies.See

    complete course outline here:

    http://dunesanddreams.org/writing-workshops/april-2011/Biography: Jacqueline

    Corcoran is an adult educator. She has been on the faculty of two different

    universities over the last 15 years, and is currently at Virginia

    Commonwealth University. She is proficient in constructing exercises that

    build students’ skills in a sequential manner, and, out of the 11 textbooks

    she’s written, five are in workbook format. She has published a self-help

    book, The Depression Solutions Workbook

    http://www.newharbinger.com/bookstore/productdetails.cfm?PC=751, and is

    currently working with an agent to represent her latest mystery, Maiming of

    the Shrew, as well as a YA novel. Time Witch, a middle grade fantasy and

    retelling of the fairytale of “The Snow Queen,” will be out soon with

    Solstice Publishing. ____________________

    * *

    *DATE*: April 4 - 29

    Registration deadline is April 2nd.

    *PLACE**: Dunes & Dreams RWA Workshop Yahoo Loop*

    Registrants will receive a yahoo invitation to the workshop several days

    before the workshop begins to allow ample time to accept it. Please notify

    the coordinators if you have do not receive your invite before the class


    *COST*: $10 Dunes & Dreams RWA Members/ $25 all others (US funds only –

    paypal or checks)

    *CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY*: No registration fees will be refunded. All

    payments for a workshop must be received by the registration cut off date.

    Payments received after the cut-off date can be applied to a future workshop

    of the

    applicant's choosing.

    If a workshop is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, such as

    instructor inability to teach class, registration fees will be applied to a

    future workshop of the applicant's choosing.

    Hope to see you in class!

    Registration form and more information:

    http://www.dunesanddreams.org/writing-workshops or

    email the coordinators at workshops.ddrwa@gmail.com

    * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

    *Debora Dennis ~ Spicy Romance with Timeless Adventure!*

    Lyrical Press, Nov. 2010 ~ A Fistful of Fate


    * ~ * ~ * ~

    Writing workshops! Registration and more information:




    APRIL 2011


    INSTRUCTOR: Catherine Chant

    WHEN: April 4 to April 15


    At the end of this workshop you will have a better understanding of what goes into making your author website more appealing and inviting to a visitor and thus more effective for promoting you and your work.

    This workshop will cover the golden ratio of layout design, using web fonts and web-safe colors, using white space, user interface considerationsand website organization, web graphics for the artistically challenged, and the importance of testing websites with multiple operating systems andbrowser applications.

    This workshop is aimed at writers who have websites already and want to make them better, or writers who are planning to set up a website and want to know more about how the content should be arranged, either because they plan to do it themselves, or they want to be more informed when hiring a professional designer.

    PRE-REQUISITE: Students are expected to be familiar with the basics of setting up a website (domain name, software, etc.). This class focuses on design principles and how to make your website more user friendly, appealing and effective. It is NOT an HTML class on how to program your website or how to use website design software.

    The workshop will include exercises designed to strengthen the concepts discussed. Students do not need to have an active website to participate, but may find the lessons more "hands-on" if they do. The instructor will offer feedback on any student's website during the workshop if the URL is offered during the class.


    Catherine Chant is an award-winning writer from New England. She is a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA), and a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). Her short fiction and non-fiction work has appeared in RWA newsletters, Character S?, School Arts?, Metro Kids?, Twilight Times, Apollos Lyre, Crochet World, Garden Guides?.com . Her young adult time travel romance WISHING YOU WERE HERE was a finalist in the 2008 Golden Heart® awards. She is currently working a new young adult novel, writing how-to articles for Demand Studios, and offering knitting/crochet advice and instruction at creativemindandhands.com.

    A graduate of Boston College, Catherine worked for fifteen years at her alma mater as a computing & communications consultant and spent many of those years as BC's web information services manager, maintaining and supporting the university web servers. She now provides freelance web editing and design services to other writers and clients such as BC's Lynch School of Education. While working at BC, she designed and gave many training courses on technology subjects. Since joining RWA in 2003, she has served four years as the Workshops chairperson (or co-chair) for FTHRW, an online chapter that offers 12 workshops a year to their 300+ members, and has been FTHRW's webmaster since 2004. Catherine has been giving her own workshops to RWA chapters since 2006. You can find out more about Catherine at her website: http://www.catherinechant.com/


    Cost for the workshop is $15 for NEORWA members, $20 for all others. You do not have to be an RWA member to take our workshops!


    The registration deadline is the day before the workshop starts. Once registered, you will be subscribed to the workshop loop prior to and for the duration of the class.

    For more information, please check out our website at http://www.neorwa.com or email Cathy Matuszak If you are using a web email and the link doesn't work for you, send the email to neorwaonline at gmail dot com



    For the writer's toolbox: Add another way to look at your book for

    solid storytelling.

    Elements of RWA Online Workshops


    April 4 - 15, 2011

    DIRECT YOUR BOOK! Theatrical Techniques to a Blockbuster Novel

    by Leanna Renee Hieber


    Non-members $15; Elements Members $9

    To register for this workshop, click here.


    Crack open a whole new way to think about your fiction by using

    techniques inherent to actors, directors and other theatre

    professionals. Troubleshoot your way towards an engaging, character-

    rich, one-of-a-kind hit novel using a whole new mindset. Utilizing

    basic theatrical as well as avant-garde theatre techniques, during

    this two week online course, Leanna will break down the basic roles

    of Cinematographer, Director and Actor and ask authors to take

    critical looks at their manuscripts from each respective vantage

    point, asking the necessary questions to get effective results in

    setting, structure, world-building and character. These theatrical

    vantage points are refreshing for those armed only with writing

    vocabulary and craft, while the principles can be easily adapted and

    co-opted for a novelist’s use. The class will offer presentation,

    discussion and exercises that knit these two disparate yet related

    mediums together. Because in the end, every artistic medium is after

    the same goal: solid, blockbuster storytelling.


    Leanna Renee Hieber grew up in Ohio inventing ghost stories. With a

    theatre degree, a focus in the Victorian Era and a scholarship to

    London, she has adapted works of 19th Century literature for the

    stage and her one-act plays have been produced around the country.

    Her fantasy novella Dark Nest won the 2009 Prism Award for excellence

    in Futuristic / Fantasy / Paranormal Romance. Her debut novel, The

    Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, first in her Strangely

    Beautiful series with Dorchester, hit Barnes & Noble's Bestseller

    list, was named a favourite of 2009 by numerous genre review blogs

    and has been optioned for a musical theatre production. A member of

    the Romance Writers of America (RWA), Science Fiction/Fantasy Writers

    of America (SFWA), Horror Writers Association (HWA) and International

    Thriller Writers (ITW), she’s a proud co-founder of Lady Jane's Salon

    Reading Series in New York. A member of the performers unions AEA,

    SAG and AFTRA, Leanna freelances in television. When not writing or

    on set, she loves a good Goth club and adventuring in New York City,

    where she resides with her real-life hero and beloved rescued lab

    rabbit Persebunny. About Leanna as a presenter: A child of two

    college professors and an ardent supporter of inter-disciplinary

    education, teaching from all sides of her theatre, playwright and

    fiction background is in her blood. She has taught fiction workshops

    for RWA NYC, COFW Ohio, WIS-RWA Milwaukee, RWA Women’s Fiction,

    spoken and presented in schools around the country, written articles

    for the RWA NYC Keynotes newsletter and Dramatics magazine, as well

    as teaching theatre and adaptation workshops for the Guthrie Theatre

    and the International Thespian Festival.


    Carol R. Wood

    Co-Chair, Elements of RWA Education Committee

    Co-Moderator, RWA ChapterEvents


    ***Permission to Forward Granted***

    The Long Island Romance Writers is proud to present their first online class this May!

    May 9-13, 2011


    Kristen Lamb

    Fee: $15 (for all)

    Becoming a Brand:

    Using Social Media to Become a Household Name

    Want to become a brand like Stephenie Meyer, Nora Roberts or Stephen King? This session will show you how. Writers now are being required to have a social media platform. It doesn't have to be scary. This class is designed to change your habits, not your personality. My method will help you build a platform that is solid and expands in pace with your career, no matter what social media platform is in style. I will show you ways to grow your network in ways that will translate into book sales. And the coolest part? My approach leaves time to write more books. You don't have all day to market. You need time to write future best-selling books. Let me show you how.

    Bio: Kristen Lamb is the author of the best-selling book We Are Not Alone-The Writer's Guide to Social Media. Kristen worked in international sales before transitioning into a career as an author, freelance editor and speaker. She takes her years of experience in sales & promotion and merges it with almost a decade as a writer to create a program designed to help authors construct a platform in the new paradigm of publishing. Kristen has guided writers of all levels, from unpublished green peas to NY Times best-selling big fish, how to use social media to create a solid platform and brand. Most importantly, Kristen helps authors of all levels connect to their READERS and then maintain a relationship that grows into a long-term fan base.

    Check out Kristen's blog at: http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/

    TO REGISTER for class see:


    (PayPal payment option on page)

    If you'd prefer to send a check, please make it out to Long Island Romance Writers, Inc. and mail with your name and the email you wish to use for class to:

    Judy Fischer, LIRW Treasurer

    P.O. Box 496

    Port Jefferson, NY 11777-0496

    All payments must be received before the first day of class. If you have any questions, please contact longislandromancewriters@gmail.com

    Thank you! And see you in class.


    ***** Permission to Forward Granted and Encouraged *****//

    The San Diego Chapter of RWA Presents

    Investigations 101: A Cop's View

    Presented By MA Taylor

    April 4- 15, 2011

    Cost - $20 RWASD everyone else $25


    This class is geared to aid participants in making their Law Enforcement Character’s Investigations as realistic as possible. Topics to be covered:

    Areas of Responsibilities, Rank Structure – Who’s really in Charge?

    Surveillance: Electronic (WireTaps, Tracking Devices, Computers and more) vs Physical (Car vs Air, Single vs Team, Moving vs Fixed)

    Undercover Operations, Narcotics Investigations, Money Laundering and Informants

    Sex Crimes and Homicide.

    Interviewing vs Interrogation - Which gets the job done.

    Networking: A Cop’s and Your Character’s Greatest Investigative Tool.

    M.A. Taylor

    M.A. Taylor spent over twenty years in law enforcement. The first seven years were spent with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), she left to become a Special Agent for the California Department of Justice (DOJ), spending over ten years in Narcotics. Four of those years Margaret was assigned to a Federal DEA-HIDTA Task Force. Margaret’s many areas of expertise range from surveillance to wiretaps to Tribal Gaming, sexual predators and many others

  6. Several to list here....

    ****Please forward to your members****

    The Maumee Valley Romance Writers of America (Toledo, Ohio) is preparing for our annual Spring Book Lover's Event to be held March 26, 2011.

    This outreach to the community is set at a local library and shines a spotlight on the romance genre and our chapter by giving away free books and meeting with readers and writers alike.

    We are asking RWA writers to donate books and promotional items for our give-away and the goodie bags. Autographed books are especially appreciated and always a big hit with those who attend.

    Last year we greeted approximately 75 guests, but our event grows each year.

    Thank you so much for any and all donations. Please forward them to our chairperson by March 20, 2011.

    Lesly Blanton

    929 North Perry St.

    Napoleon, OH 43545

    Thank you for your continued support.


    The Sacramento Valley chapter of RWA is having a 3-Day retreat with Margie Lawson (The Deep Edits System), May 13-15, 2011. If you are interested in donating promotional items for our goodie bags, please contact us at www.SacramentoValleyRose.com for more information or send the items to SVR, 820 Alhambra Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95816. We are expecting 45 attendees.

    Thank you.

    Patricia L. Rickrode

    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    VP Programs, SVR


    It's once again time to put out the word for donations for our annual book basket raffle and auction to be held on Saturday, April 30th, during Mid-Michigan RWA's Retreat from Harsh Reality. Our retreat has been an annual event for our chapter since 1985, and the auction has been the highlight of the retreat for 15 years. Since proceeds from the auction are donated to a local women's shelter, we have always had a great response to our request for autographed books and promo items.

    Thanks for your help in making this year's book basket auction and raffle the best yet.

    **Permission to forward granted and gratefully appreciated!**

    Promotional Opportunity and Support for a Great Cause!!!

    Conference: Mid-Michigan RWA Chapter’s renowned Retreat From Harsh Reality

    When: April 29-May 1, 2011

    Where: At the beautiful Yarrow Golf & Conference Resort

    Keynote Speaker: The fabulous romance author, Cindy Dees!

    A GREAT CAUSE ... For many years, the Mid-Michigan RWA Chapter has helped support the Kalamazoo YWCA's Domestic Violence Program through a BOOK BASKET RAFFLE & AUCTION held at Retreat with proceeds benefitting the shelter. The baskets can include books (romances, romantic suspense, women's fiction, mysteries, etc.) combined with lots of other "romantic goodies" such as bath oils, candy, candles, coffee and tea, gift certificates from various businesses and more.

    I invite you to please support this worthy cause--and perhaps garner a new reader or two--by donating a book or two or three. If not a book, what about other fun items that women would love to have and which might just give us a wonderful bidding war on that basket? Whatever you wish to send, we'll gratefully accept. All donors will be listed in the Retreat Registration Packets, on our website and in our award-winning MMRWA Chapter eNewsletter, the Mirror. Please check out our website http://www.midmichiganrwa.org/retreat.html for more information about our event.

    PROMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITY ... If you have any PR materials you would like to have distributed in our Retreat "Goodie Bags" which are given to each attendee, please feel free to send them. The Retreat is limited to 50 participants (to maintain an intimate retreat atmosphere), so we would ask for that quantity of whatever you send.

    If you are interested in donating books or other items or want to send PR materials, please send these items to:

    Lucy Kubash

    Retreat From Harsh Reality

    1444 S. Aurilla Dr.

    St. Joseph, MI 49085

    Many thanks to everyone in RWA for your continued support!

    Lucy Kubash

    MMRWA's Retreat From Harsh Reality

    April 29-May1, 2011

    At the beautiful Yarrow Golf & Conference Resort

    Keynote Speaker: Cindy Dees



    **Permission to Forward is Hereby Granted and Doing So is Much Appreciated**

    It's not too late! Register today to attend! Spur of the moment decisions are often the BEST!

    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    *A full day of craft and career workshops

    *Keynote luncheon with CL Wilson, New York Times and USA Today best-selling


    *Q&A with Industry Professionals editor Tessa Woodward from Avon Publishing & agent Emmanuelle Morgen of Judith Ehrlich Literary Management

    *Editor and Agent Appointments

    *Critique Raffles with incredible prizes from:


    Anita Mumm (Assistant to Kristen Nelson and Sara Megibow) Nelson Literary Agency, LLC

    Andrea Somberg Harvey Klinger, Inc.

    Stephany Evans, President FinePrint Literary Management

    Adrienne Rosado PMA Literary & Film Management

    Lois Winston Ashley Grayson Literary Agency

    Pattie Steele-Perkins Steele-Perkins Literary Agency

    Michelle Grajkowski 3 Seas Literary Agency

    Scott Eagan Greyhaus Literary Agency

    Kevan Lyon, Marsal-Lyon Literary Agency


    Jhanteigh Kuppihea, Editor, New American Library (NAL)

    Raelene Gorlinksky, Publisher, Elloras Cave erotic romances; Cerridwen Press mainstream genre fiction: romance, mystery/suspense, futuristic/sci-fi, paranormal, womens fiction, historical fiction; The Lotus Circle metaphysical/psychic fiction and non-fiction

    Rhonda Stapleton, Editor, Carina Press (E-publishing imprint of Harlequin)

    Alissa Davis, Freelance Editor

    Emily W. Carmain, Noteworthy Editing Services

    Sherry's Sage Suggestions, Editing Service


    Margie Lawson, the amazing author of Empowering Characters' Emotions, Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors, Deep Editing: The EDITS System, Rhetorical Devices, and More, Digging Deep into the EDITS System, Writing Body Language and Dialogue Cues Like a Psychologist, Powering Up Body Language in Real Life

    Vanessa Kelly, Kensington Zebra author of Regency-set historical romance and author of contemporary romance for Carina Press

    Sharon Page, USA Today best-selling author of Regency-set historical romance for Bantam Dell, and Regency erotica for Kensington

    Karen Hawkins, USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author, Historical Romance, Pocket

    Joanne Rock, 3-Time Rita Nominee, Historical Romance, Harlequin

    Elizabeth Sinclair, author of The Dreaded Synopsis, Multi-published Romantic Suspense, Harlequin

    Kasey Michaels, New York Times Bestselling Author, Historical Romance/Romantic Suspense, Harlequin/Warner/Kensington/Zebra, et.al.

    Too many raffle baskets filled to the brim with awesome books and fun stuff to list!Registration- $110


    4670 Salisbury Rd. - Jacksonville, FL


    ***Permission to forward***

    MERWA (Maine RWA) is pleased to announce the Annual Writers Retreat.

    Limited seating for an intimate experience and great networking – we have filled to capacity the last three years, so register early.

    Friday, May 20– Saturday, May 21, 2011

    Portland, Maine (off 295 about 2 hours north of Boston)

    Embassy Suites Portland (off Portland Airport access road)

    $70.00 (or join MERWA for $30 and save $5 on retreat registration)

    Keynote Speaker: Hannah Howell, multi-published Harlequin Historical author.

    Other presenters: KA Mitchell, multi-published Samhain and Ellora's Cave author.

    Julia Spencer Fleming, St. Martin's Press author.

    Agent Pitches: Diane Freed, Fine Print Literary.

    Retreat Registration: visit http://mainerwa.com

    For more info contact Luanna at mainerwa@mainerwa.com

    Hotel registration: a room block under MERWA with special rates is available if registering by April 20, 2011. $109, double occupancy, plus tax per night, includes Friday evening manager's reception and full breakfast. Call 1-207-775-2200. Mention MERWA to get the special retreat rate.


    Northeastern Ohio RWA presents

    The Cleveland Rocks Romance Conference

    May 13th and 14th, 2011

    Holiday Inn Select, 15471 Royalton Road, Strongsville, Ohio


    Keynote Speaker LORI FOSTER

    Workshop Speakers:

    Harlequin Desire author Jules Bennett will present “Deep POV”

    Signet Eclipse author LuAnn McLane will present “Finding Your Voice”


    Whitney Ross, Tor

    Victoria Curran, Harlequin

    Kelli Collins, Ellora's Cave



    Join us Friday night for the Agent/Editor Query Letter Panel. Submit your anonymous query letters to Jamie Denton at jamie@jamiedenton.net for agent/editor review no later than May 1st. While we will make every effort to ensure that your query is read, please note that it may not be possible for all query letter submissions to be selected.

    Friday night registration will begin at 6:30. The Agent/Editor Query Letter Panel will start at 7:00.

    Saturday's events include:

    Keynote Speaker

    Workshops with Jules Bennett and LuAnn McLane

    Q&A with Editors and Agent

    Continental Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack

    Basket Raffle

    Agent/Editor Appointments

    Multi-Author Book Signing

    Announcement of Cleveland Rocks Romance Contest Winners

    Saturday morning registration will begin at 8:15.

    Registration is open!

    A registration form can be downloaded from our website at http://www.neorwa.com/index.php/Events/ClevelandRocksRomance

    Deadline for authors who want to participate in book signing is April 15th. Payment Deadline: May 1st if paying by check. May 9th if using PayPal.

    Holiday Inn Select, 15471 Royalton Road, Strongsville, OH 440-238-8800 http://www.histrongsville.com/. Rooms have been blocked under North East Ohio RWA.

    For more information, contact NEORWA Conference Coordinator, Jamie Denton at jamie@jamiedenton.net


  7. Here is a list of chapter conferences. Any questions, contact them. :)

    **Permission to forward**

    Come join us in the beautiful Northwest April 22 through April 24, 2011 for a weekend focused on meeting and talking with agents/editors and learning all the career and professional challenges, tips and information that make up the wonderful world of the publishing industry. Check out the information on our website at: http://www.rosecityromancewriters.com/Retreats/2011/SpringIntensive.html for hotel information and a schedule of events.

    Here’s whose coming:


    Barbara Poelle – Irene Goodman Literary Agency

    Alexandra Machinist – Linda Chester Literary Agency

    Abigail Koons – Park Literary Agency


    Leis Pederson – Berkley Publishing Group

    Amanda Bergeron – Avon/HarperCollins

    Tracy Martin – Harlequin

    To keep this an intimate event for registrants, this event is being capped at 150 so please get your reservations in early. We already have 50 registrants so it’s filling fast.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the email below.

    Hope you can join us for a fun-filled, relaxing weekend spent with industry professionals in a setting designed to get you the most contact with agents and editors.


    Kimberly Wollenburg

    President, Rose City Romance Writers



    Permission to Forward Granted and Encouraged*

    Connecticut Fiction Fest <http://toniandrews.com/FictionFest.htm> is

    CTRWA¡Çs annual one-day conference for all genres of fiction writers. This

    event has sold out every year so be sure to register

    <http://toniandrews.com/FictionFestRegistration.htm> as soon as you can.

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    8:00 AM to 6:00 PM





    952> Inn Conference Center

    201 Washington Avenue

    North Haven, Connecticut 06473

    Just off route 91 * 10 minutes from the MetroNorth train station.

    Keynote Speaker Eloisa James <http://www.eloisajames.com/> will also offer

    a casual chat.

    Pitch Your Novel to Editors and Agents - every requester will get at least

    one appointment, possibly more.

    Holly Blanck, St. Martin¡Çs Press (Macmillan) ¡ü Anne Groell, Bantam Dell

    (Random House) ¡ü Jhanteigh Kupihea, New American Library (Penguin) ¡ü

    Leslie Wainger, Harlequin Single Title ¡ü Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks ¡ü

    Jenny Bent, The Bent Agency ¡ü Amy Boggs, Donald Maas Literary Agency ¡ü

    Ginger Clark, Curtis Brown Ltd. ¡ü Christina Hogrebe, Jane Rotrosen Literary

    ¡ü Miriam Kriss, Irene Goodman Literary Agency ¡ü Susie Townsend, FinePrint

    Literary Management

    Fill Your Toolbox with powerful skills. Speakers include Jessica Andersen,

    Kristan Higgins, Hank Phillipi Ryan, Anton Strout, Thea Devine, Sarah

    Wendell, Annette Blair, Kathryn Smith, Ellen Hartman, Diana Holquist, Terri

    Brisbin, Toni Andrews and Jennifer Fusco.

    Network with Industry Professionals at our cocktail reception and book


    Price: Members of CTRWA, CoLoNY, and CORW: $79 - All others $99

    For more information and to register, click HERE

    <http://toniandrews.com/FictionFest.htm> . To learn more about CTRWA, click

    HERE <http://ctrwa.org/new-margie-lawson-master-class/> .


    Fiction Writer's Boot Camp at the Beach

    Posted by: "Skye" skyetaylor22@yahoo.com skyetaylor22

    Mon Mar 7, 2011 5:47 am (PST)

    Sponsored by the Ancient City Romance Authors: October 21-22, 2011. Two day conference will include workshops by Karen Rose and Elizabeth Sinclair on Snappy, Believable Dialog, Critical First Words(Beginning with a strong hook), Colorful Secondary Characters, Chilling Villains. Also on the agenda, ePublishing, a ghost tour of Ancient St Augustine, agent appointments, author book signing and more.

    check it out:




    For The

    2011 Emerald City Writers Conference

    October 28-30, 2011 at the Bellevue Westin in Bellevue, Washington

    Be a part of one of the largest regional romance writing conferences in the country. This year our Keynotes include such luminaries as Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love.

    You are invited to submit workshop ideas for education and inspiration. In the past, we have featured topics such as:

    • Craft

    • Writing life

    • Career Development

    • Industry

    • Submissions

    • Marketing

    • Genres

    • Strategies

    • Plotting

    • Dialog

    And More!

    Get creative!

    Proposals are due to GSRWA by March 15, 2011.

    Authors are also invited to share promotional material with our 300 attendees.

    Visit www.GSRWA.org for more information.


  8. Here are a listing of some of the various chapter workshops. If you have any questions, contact them.


    Permission to Forward:

    ON-LINE W ORKSHOP: April 4 - 29, 2011 -- Can This Manuscript be Saved?

    ONLY OFFERED ON-LINE ONCE IN 2011! Don't miss this opportunity.

    INSTRUCTOR: Susan Meier

    DEADLINE TO REGISTER: April 2, 2011

    COURSE CONTENT: Rejected? Can't get an agent? Can't sell, even though your

    critique partners LOVE your work? Susan Meier reviews the seven most common

    rejection catch phrases and explains how determining whether your problem is

    a story, scene or word problem, is the first step on the road to recovery.

    She'll share tricks-of-the-trade to finding and fixing your errors before

    you submit. Following the assignments at the end of each lesson, attendees

    will learn how to "skim-read" their manuscripts quickly, marking specific

    problems with post-its. Susan also demonstrates how to use a storyboard, a

    list of twenty and a one-paragraph blurb to create a plan of attack for

    fixing your book's trouble. She can't revise or rewrite your manuscript for

    you, but with her tricks you'll not only see how to revise the book of your

    heart; you'll also see how published authors are able to write four, five

    and even six books a year without breaking a sweat!

    ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Susan Meier is the author of over 45 books for

    Harlequin and Silhouette and one of Guideposts' Grace Chapel Inn series

    books. The Kindness of Strangers. Her books have been finalists for

    Reviewers Choice Awards, National Reader's Choice Awards and Cataromance.com

    Reviewer's Choice Awards and nominated for Romantic Times awards. Her book,

    Her Baby's First Christmas won the traditional category in the 2009 More

    Than Magic contest. The Magic of a Family Christmas is a finalist in the

    Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence! Her Pregnancy Surprise, her first release

    for the Harlequin Romance line, made both Walden's Bestseller List for

    Series Romance and Bookscan. THE BABY PROJECT, SECOND CHANCE BABY, A BABY ON

    THE RANCH and FLIRTING WITH CHRISTMAS (working title) are her 2011 releases.

    COST: $20 for RWA members; $25 for non-members.

    HOW TO REGISTER: STAR's Workshops last four (4) weeks, consist of a mix of

    lectures, exercises and discussions, and are conducted via a private Yahoo

    Groups listserv.

    Check/Money Order: To register, please include a check or Money Order in US

    Dollars, made out to STAR On-Line Workshop, and mail to: STAR Workshop

    Coordinator, PO Box 6, Willseyville, NY 13864. Please include the following

    information: Name, Address, Email Address (and Email Address you wish to use

    for the class), Phone Number, and RWA # (if applicable).

    PayPal: If you have a PayPal account and would like to pay via PayPal, go

    to http://www.PayPal.com. Select the "send money" button, then enter the

    amount due, and STAR's email address for payment: starpay@gmail.com. Then,

    send your registration information (Name, Address, Email Address (and Email

    Address you wish to use for the class), Phone Number, and RWA # (if

    applicable). to: carolhenry@frontiernet.net).

    All writers are welcome. If you know how to send e-mail, then you've

    mastered all of the technical skills you need to participate in STAR's

    workshops. You will be automatically enrolled in the workshop's listserv

    prior to the start of the class. All of the messages posted by the

    instructor and other participants will be delivered directly to your inbox,

    although you may also view them from the Yahoo website.

    Deadline to Register is: April 2, 2011! for the April 2011 class: Can This

    Manuscript be Saved? With Susan Meier.

    For more information on these and other STAR On-line Workshops visit STAR's

    website at: starrwa.org.


    Check out Outreach International Romance Writer's workshops!

    * * * Permission To Forward Granted and Appreciated! * * *

    Is There A Set Designer In The House? Using Description To Enhance Your Storyline

    Presented by Beth Daniels

    Dates: April 1 – 28

    Fee: OIRW Members $20 Non Members $25

    Deadline: March 29

    Course Description:

    In the movie world, there are folks whose whole job revolves around finding locations in which to film. They look for elements that will add to the script, and so do the wardrobe people, the professionals who choose the actors, the composer who writes the theme song and/or scores the soundtrack, the stunt coordinator who teaches the star to fake the slug in the jaw. Well, it goes on and on.

    But when we write a book it's all up to us. And we've got only one thing to use to bring it all together - words

    This is a four week workshop for writers still working on their first manuscript and for those who want to improve their work through the use of description.

    Assignments will have participants making lists of words they have used, and ones they could use to improve the clarity of what they see in their heads when it needs to land on the written page.

    The emphasis will be on:

    • Character Tells, Action Sequences,

    • Verbal Nuances,

    • Visuals with Background,

    • Wardrobe and Character Description,

    • Plus Sound, Touch, Scent, and Taste.

    Presenter Bio:

    Beth Daniels currently writes as Beth Henderson and J.B. Dane, though she answered to Lisa Dane and Beth Cruise in the past as well. She has worked with editors at Berkley, Zebra, Leisure, Harlequin/Silhouette, and Simon and Schuster's Aladdin Paperbacks, done e-books for a now defunct company (not her fault, she says), and began her writing life with hardcover books slated for library use with a publisher that got out of the romance business (again, not her fault). More recently she's had a number of articles about writing picked up by e-zines, saw a short story published in a mystery and suspense magazine that turned up its toes the next year (really, really not her fault), and has a story in the MOTHER GOOSE IS DEAD anthology slated for publication by Dragon Moon Press sometime in 2010.

    For over a dozen years Beth taught college level composition, both in the classroom and online, and a credit course on Novel Writing. Five of her former Novel class students are now published.

    Twenty-six of Beth's manuscripts have appeared in print or e-book format. These have been historical romantic adventures (6), romantic comedies (10), romantic-suspense (3), and young adult romantic comedy (7). Her titles have appeared in 12 different languages in over 20 countries. At the moment she is working on various manuscripts and attempting a collaboration with another RWA member on a contemporary/fantasy/romantic adventure. She also ventured into self-publishing to keep her out-of-print backlist in print, but previous e-books in print, and in frustration, to move beyond a manuscript she'd been reworking for editors for a decade with no bites, released a previously unpublished historical romantic adventure set in the American West.

    She is currently/or has been a member of/or about to renew membership in Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Novelist Inc., and Historical Novelist Society.

    Read more about Beth at her website: RomanceAndMystery.com

    All workshops are open to everyone. You do not have to be a RWA member. You can register for the following on-line class through February 26. OIRW Members $20.00. Non Members $25.00. FMI: http://www.oirw.net/campus.htm

    Or, email Campus Coordinator, Veronica Alderson, valderson80@yahoo.com using the Subject line: OIRW ONLINE WORKSHOP.

    To find out more about our chapter, please visit us at http://www.oirw.net/index.htm

    Thank you.

    Veronica Alderson,

    OIRW Campus Coordinator

    * * * Permission To Forward Granted and Appreciated! * * *

    Author Branding Boot Camp, two weeks

    Presented by Tivi Jones

    Dates: April 1 – 15

    Fee: OIRW Members $10 Non Members $15

    Deadline: March 29

    Course Description:

    Branding is not just for big businesses, soda companies or cows anymore. Individuals are using branding to get jobs, develop new relationships and even sell books. But how?

    Developing a solid author brand doesn't have to be some grand sleep-inducing process. This Author Branding Boot camp online class will help authors create an author brand that is simple, effective and one with room to grow as your career grows.

    The course will:

    • Outline the basics of branding,

    • Show students how to create a targeted, but flexible brand and

    • Introduce them to vehicles they can use to brand themselves.

    By the end of the course, students will have a solid knowledge of branding strategy, their individual author brand and a plan to improve their brand over time.

    Instructor Bio:

    "Tivi's energy and enthusiasm is the perfect kick in the pants you need to spark your business into high gear!" ~National Bestseller CJ Lyons

    "The Author Branding Bootcamp is a great class for those of us who don't know how to start branding and promoting our own work. I really enjoyed the humor with which [she] laid out the basics…" ~ Ryder Islington

    Tivi Jones is a marketing professional with experience working with Fortune 500 companies, regional publications, technology companies and more. As founder of CreativityLoft.com a website and consulting agency for creative entrepreneurs, she indulges her passion for marketing, creativity, strategic planning and entrepreneurship. When she's not offering candid business advice, she's writing romance novels or reading them.

    Tivi is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in Advertising and Entrepreneurship. She's a member of Romance Writers of America.

    All workshops are open to everyone. You do not have to be a RWA member. You can register for the following on-line class through March 29. FMI: http://www.oirw.net/campus.htm

    Or, email Campus Coordinator, Veronica Alderson, valderson80@yahoo.com using the Subject line: OIRW ONLINE WORKSHOP.

    To find out more about our chapter, please visit us at http://www.oirw.net/index.htm

    Thank you.

    Veronica Alderson,

    OIRW Campus Coordinator


    *****Permission Granted to Forward*****

    The Black Diamond Chapter of RWA presents

    ***March Class #2***

    Challenging Couples in Love Workshop

    Class takes place: March 14th - 18th , 2011

    Cost: $15 BDRWA members/ $20 non-members

    Challenging Couples in Love

    Instructor: Laurie Schnebly

    Class Info:

    While it's easy to create conflict between a hero and heroine whose kingdoms are at war, everyday life can be a tougher setting for plausible conflicts...especially when the hero and heroine are both lovable characters. But the same conflicts that trouble real-life couples--plus the solutions recommended by marriage counselors--work for fictional couples as well.

    Instructor's Bio:

    Laurie Schnebly Campbell loves giving workshops for writer groups about "Psychology for Creating Characters," "Making Rejection WORK For You," "Building A Happy Relationship For Your Characters (And Yourself)" and other issues that draw on her background as a counseling therapist and romance writer.

    After six books for Special Edition, she turned her attention to writing non-fiction -- using her research into the nine personality types to help writers create plausible, likable people with realistic flaws. Her other favorite activities include playing with her husband and son, recording for the blind, counseling at a mental health center, traveling to Sedona (the Arizona red-rock town named for her great-grandmother, Sedona Schnebly) and working with other writers.

    "People ask how I find time to do all that," Laurie says, "and I tell them it's easy. I never clean my house!"

    Laurie welcomes email from readers-send her a "Hello!"

    You can find Laurie at www.BookLaurie.com

    For more info: www.bdrwa.com click on online classes

    Or contact mrsgodiva@comcast.net

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    4. BDRWA Chapter Online Class for April 2011

    Posted by: "mrsgodiva" mrsgodiva@comcast.net mrsgodiva2000

    Sun Mar 6, 2011 4:51 pm (PST)

    *****Permission Granted to Forward*****

    The Black Diamond Chapter Presents

    ***April Class***

    Creating Memorable Characters

    Class takes place: April 4th - 30th , 2011

    Cost: $20 BDRWA members/ $25 non-members **4 week class

    Creating Memorable Characters

    Instructor: Sue Viders and Becky Martinez

    Class Info:

    Need some help developing characters who leap off the page? Want to get to know what makes your characters tick so that you can turn them into real flesh and blood heroes and heroines? Join us for a workshop that will help you learn how to make the characters in your books come alive. Discover how you can turn your hero and heroine from wooden figures into realistic people your readers will remember long after they put down the book.

    Find out what it takes to develop your characters and then try using some of the useful tools in hands on exercises that can help you each time you tackle the problem of creating a new character, whether it be your heroine, hero or the villain. By the end of the workshop, each participant will know how to fully develop their characters and will take home the resources to help create truly memorable characters on their own.

    Get some practical help from two of the authors of the book 10 STEPS TO CREATING MEMORABLE CHARACTERS!

    Instructor's Bio:

    Sue Viders is the author of more than 20 books, numerous articles and columns for both artists and writers. She is co-author of the book Heroes and Heroines, Sixteen Master Archetypes, which is used in many college and university writing courses and co-authored the book, 10 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters. Her latest writing book is an e-book titled The Fiction Writing Workbook, which takes writers from first idea through a completed novel. She also developed Deal a Story, an interactive card game consisting of 101 cards and six sections and is based on her Heroes and Heroines book.

    She is a practicing artist, seminar leader, and educator with on-line classes both for writers and artists.

    Becky Martinez is an award-winning former broadcast journalist and published author, who writes romance, mystery and romantic suspense. Her latest romantic suspense, Deadly Messages was published by The Wild Rose Press in February 2010 and was an Aspen Gold finalist. She has had several romance short stories published and her newest novella, Shadows from the Past, will soon be available from The Wild Rose Press.

    She was also one of the co-authors of Ten Steps to Creating Memorable Characters, a workbook for writers. For the past six years she has been teaching writing classes, both online and in person.

    For more writing help, please visit their website for writers, www.writethatnovel.com.

    For more info: www.bdrwa.com click on online classes

    Or contact mrsgodiva@comcast.net


    ***Permission to Forward***

    RWA's Mystery/Suspense Chapter is pleased to announce our COFFIN College of Felony and Intrigue KILLER INSTINCT online workshop for the month of April 2011.

    WORKSHOP: The Organic Writer's Guide To Plotting As You Go

    CLASS DESCRIPTION: How often have you attended a conference and heard an author in a workshop claim the way they write their books is basically the professional way to go about it, then move to the next workshop and hear another author tell how everything the last speaker you heard said was all wrong that that their way is the tried and true way to do things?

    This workshop isn't going to claim anything of the sort. It is based on the premise that there is no one way to do anything. That the only 100% guaranteed way to write your manuscript is the way that works best for you.

    Still, most of the workshops out there are run by dyed-in-the-wool Plotters who don't understand the way an Organic Writer's mind works...that is, sort of freeform and falling into and out of road blocks or having inspiration dry up when they most need it, yet savoring the excitement of never REALLY knowing what is going to happen next. You know, the same thrill we get when reading a book!

    What's needed is a few guidelines and wild ideas on how an Organic Writer (or a Pantser as we're sometimes called) can work through just about anything that holds us up in a storyline. And there's not just one way to look at these things. One way simply lacks the variety needed.

    During the 4-weeks of this workshop we'll play with at least 20, maybe more, ways to rethink or think ahead to and through the scenes yet to be written. Yes, there will be assignments, but I prefer to call them Challenges...much more Organic and open to interpretation...but it will be writer's choice on how you might use one of the ideas presented in working with your storyline.

    While those who are primarily beginners, or unpublished writers might be the most interested in this class, it could also appeal to those who have had a book or two published but seem to have hit a wall, or are having difficulty moving ahead in a current project. Students are asked to have at least one story in progress to use for the Challenges.

    The posting schedule, for both lessons and turn in of assignments, is twice a week with feedback from the instructor on each assignment, or questions asked prior to the next Monday's posting.


    Week #1 - Introduction and first four ideas presented. First Challenge given.

    Week #2 - Six ideas presented and Second Challenge issued.

    Week #3 - Another six ideas presented and Third Challenge issued.

    Week #4 - Final four (and possibly bonus) ideas presented plus Q&A and final feedback.

    INSTRUCTOR: Beth Daniels, aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane

    Beth Daniels currently writes as Beth Henderson and J.B. Dane, though she answered to Lisa Dane and Beth Cruise in the past as well. She has worked with editors at Berkley, Zebra, Leisure, Harlequin/Silhouette, and Simon and Schuster's Aladdin Paperbacks, done e-books for a now defunct company (not her fault, she says), and began her writing life with hardcover books slated for library use with a publisher that got out of the romance business (again, not her fault). More recently she's had a number of articles about writing picked up by e-zines, saw a short story published in a mystery and suspense magazine that turned up its toes the next year (really, really not her fault), and has a story in the MOTHER GOOSE IS DEAD anthology slated for publication by Dragon Moon Press sometime in 2010.

    For over a dozen years Beth taught college level composition, both in the classroom and online, and a credit course on Novel Writing. Five of her former Novel class students are now published.

    Her first online fiction writing workshop was given in August 2009 but that number has grown to fifteen in 2010.

    Twenty-six of Beth's manuscripts have appeared in print or e-book format. These have been historical romantic adventures (6), romantic comedies (10), romantic-suspense (3), and young adult romantic comedy (7). Her titles have appeared in 12 different languages in over 20 countries. At the moment she is working on various manuscripts and has completed a collaboration with another RWA member on a contemporary/fantasy/romantic adventure. She also ventured into self-publishing to keep her out-of-print backlist in print.

    Her website is RomanceAndMystery.com

    KILLERINSTINCT workshops encompass writing and craft topics.

    **PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE 27TH day of the month PRIOR to the start of the COFFIN class. Cost of each Workshop is (Currently) $15.00 US for KOD Members, $30.00 US for non-KOD Members. (RWA membership NOT required to take the course).

    For more information check out our website at http://www.rwamysterysuspense.org

    ***Permission to Forward***

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    3. Murder One Online Course April 2011 - Behavioral Portraits of Crimin

    Posted by: "kathywrits" kathywrites@sbcglobal.net kathywrits

    Mon Mar 7, 2011 7:41 am (PST)

    ***Permission to Forward***

    RWA's Mystery/Suspense Chapter is pleased to announce our COFFIN College of Felony and Intrigue MURDER ONE online Workshop for the month of April 2011.

    WORKSHOP: Closer than They Appear: Behavioral Portraits of Criminal Predators.

    CLASS DESCRIPTION: Predatory offenders are a breed apart. These people develop special skills to spot vulnerable prey and work them into a corner. Whether it's online, on a playground, in a bar, or the workplace -- even in a family -- they're always a step ahead. In this course, you'll learn about different types of predators for adding dimensions to your villains, as well as ways to spot and defend against them (for your protagonists, and yourself). Female or male, child or adult, loner or team, con artist or killer, predators are the most dangerous human beings alive.

    INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Katherine Ramsland

    Dr. Katherine Ramsland counts a master's in forensic psychology from the John Jay College of Forensic Science among her three graduate degrees, and teaches forensic psychology and criminal justice. She has been writing about forensics for over a decade, including hundreds of articles for The Crime Library and several books with former FBI profilers. Among her 38 books are The Forensic Science of CSI, The Forensic Psychology of Criminal Minds, The Real World of a Forensic Scientist (with Henry C. Lee), A Voice for the Dead (about exhumations), and The Devil's Dozen: How Cutting Edge Forensics Took Down 12 Notorious Serial Killers. She has also written four books for Praeger's "Inside the Minds of..." series, including serial killers, mass murderers, healthcare serial killers, and sexual predators. Her most recent book is about how mental health experts gained privileged access to extreme offenders to learn more about them than standard diagnostic tests yielded.

    **PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE 27TH day of the month PRIOR to the start of the COFFIN class. Cost of each workshop is (Currently) $15.00 US for KOD Members, $30.00 US for non-KOD Members (RWA membership NOT required to take the course).

    For more information check out our website at http://www.rwamysterysuspense.org

    ***Permission to Forward***

  9. ***Permission to forward granted and encouraged***

    Yosemite Romance Writers is accepting proposals for 2011 and 2012

    (4 week workshops).

    Our workshops are conducted via invitation only Yahoo listserv and are open to everyone.

    Please include your email, class description and a brief bio.

    2011 dates available: June, July, August, September, October and

    November. 2012 is open with exception of May.

    All proposals should be addressed to:

    Sheri Humphreys


    Thank You

  10. Ah, yes, what goes on behind the curtain. :D

    Well, right now we are discussing connecting with each other (and RWA Online) on facebook and twitter. One of our members posted her cover for her first book. Another reported on getting not one, but two requests. Then there is the usual "I have a question about --- (fill in the blanks)" whenever a member needs help with a plot point or discussing character names.

    And this is just for March. :)

  11. --------PERMISSION TO FORWARD GRANTED----------

    Elements of RWA Online Workshops


    "I was amazed to learn that I'm an auditory learner. I would have

    sworn I was visual. Bill also gave feedback on my writing so I could

    use auditory, visual, or kinesthetic skills while creating my

    characters. I learned so much from taking this workshop in 2010. Now

    that Bill has changed and improved the workshop - expanding it to

    three weeks instead of two, I'm planning on taking it again. " --

    Linda Burke

    March 7 - 25, 2011

    Power of the Senses: Enhancing Author's Voice, Characterization, and


    by Bill Haggart


    Non-members $20; Elements Members $12

    To register for this workshop, click here.

    Description: Robert Penn Warren said, “The secret subject of any

    story is what we learn, or fail to learn, over time.” Each of us

    have our own unique way of learning, and part of that style involves

    which senses we favor in experiencing the world—even how we write and

    how we love. Everyone prefers one sense over the other four:

    Kinesthetic, Tactual, Auditory, and Visual. Those preferences shape a

    writer’s voice, brand, writing processes as well as the characters

    they create. How their novel's conflict and romance develops depends

    on how their characters learn. A writer can be trapped by their own

    sensory preferences or they can use it to create unique characters

    and believable conflict.

    In this interactive workshop, Participants will:

    1. Identify their own sensory preferences with a short profile,

    discovering how sensory preferences affect their behavior. This

    includes their own writing processes.

    2. Explore how sensory preferences influence a writer’s voice and Brand.

    As romance writer Virginia Kendra observes: “This is part of author

    voice. Our choices of significant, specific details awaken our

    readers to what it is we see” —or hear, feel or do. Our choices

    depend in part on our preferences. We will examine the writing of

    well-know authors to illustrate this aspect of the author's voice, as

    well as developing your unique brand.

    3. Examine how sensory preferences can help a writer decide how to

    use the senses, actually deepening a character's POV. Julia Ross

    observed, “Even when a scene is deeply emotional and full of sensory

    input, it’s often more powerful to limit the character’s awareness to

    just one or two senses at a time.” Sensory Preferences reveals

    these sense choices naturally, enhancing characterization.

    Participants will practice creating distinctive characters and deep

    POVs with learning styles.

    4. Learn how to differentiate Author Voice from the characters' POV.

    This includes all aspects of their novel, from first meet, attraction

    and learning to love, conflict, sexual desire and satisfaction, as

    well as how conflict is resolved.

    5. Explore how sensory preferences can enhance believable conflict.

    Any conflict begins with the senses. Examples will demonstrate what

    readers know intuitively—the simplest things count. Including

    learning preferences can make conflicts between characters far more

    real and dynamic. Throughout the course, activities will be provided

    for writers to practice with the methods offered, including feedback

    from the instructor.

    Bio: Bill Haggart has been an educator for over thirty years. He has

    been a teacher, an educational trainer, consultant and executive

    with a national training company. He now heads up his own consulting

    business, Insights & Innovations. He has presented to over 180,000

    educators nationwide and worked with over 400 schools and

    organizations. He is the creator of the Kaleidoscope Profiles, a

    popular learning styles inventory. He is also the author of several

    educational books and articles. He has been a member of RWA since

    1998, as well as a terrific local group, the Sacramento Valley Rose.

    He has won and placed in nearly a dozen contests such as 'The Molly'

    and 'Suzannah' and "The Merritt" with both his contemporary, time-

    travel and Regency novels. A member of the Beau Monde since 2000,

    Bill presented at their conference in New York in 2002 and 2006. This

    workshop, “The Power of the Senses; Enhancing Author's Voice,

    Characterization, and Conflict” has been well-received by several

    writing groups, including The Sacramento Valley Rose. A history

    major, he particularly loves the Napoleonic war period and the

    Regency. He began reading historical romances decades ago, and

    finally decided to write them, after being encouraged by Joy, his

    partner and heroine for the last thirty-eight years. She is also a

    fantastic teacher. Bill has two terrific sons, Sean and Cory. Sean is

    an engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratories in Pasadena, CA. The

    Mars Rovers have parts created by him. Cory is a marketing and public

    relations consultant in Ottawa, Canada. He critiques all of his

    father’s manuscripts. They both are models for my heroes. The real

    homeowners, an Australian Shepard mix named Nikki and a feline,

    Kitty, also are inspirations for characters in his books.


    Hook, Line, and Sinker:

    How to Hook Readers and Reel Them In

    Do you know how to hook your readers? I mean, really hook them. Do you immediately think it's all about the first paragraph? WRONG! Well…sort of.

    The first paragraph is definitely important. But there's so much more to hooking your reader and keeping her on the line until the very last page.

    In Hook, Line, and Sinker, you'll learn:

    • How a hook can make or break a sale.

    • How genre affects the hook.

    • How to get the most out of your first line, first paragraph, chapter hooks, and cliff hangers.

    • The difference between ho hum hooks and bestsellers.

    • How the pros hook the reader and keep `em hooked.

    Other benefits of Hook, Line, and Sinker include:

    • Limited class size (no more than 20 students per class) means individualized instruction.

    • Opportunities to submit samples of your manuscript or work in progress for critique.

    • Professional editing of your work.

    About the Instructor: Lynnette Labelle is a certified copyeditor and proofreader with over a decade of experience. She's the owner of Labelle's Writing on the Wall, a professional editing and manuscript service. Her editing services focus on helping writers, both beginners and published professionals, to perfect their craft and polish their manuscripts so they can take their careers to the next level. Lynnette is the editor of LoveBytes, RWA Online's newsletter. For more information, visit www.labelleseditorialservices.com/

    When: April 4 – 30, 2011

    Cost: $25

    Registration is open. Contact Lynnette Labelle at: labelle@labelleseditorialservices.com to save a spot now.


    ***Permission to forward granted*** Marketing For Introverts

    Instructor: Tina Gallagher

    When: March 1-31, 2011

    Cost: $20 for HCRW and Carolina Romance Writers Members, $25 for All



    Let’s face it. Most of us who write don’t do it so we can

    go out peddling our work on the street. We do it because we love to

    write. So while we love the creative process of writing, the business

    end can be pure torture to our artistic brains. Unfortunately, once the

    contract is signed and the book is out there, you as the author have to

    market it in order for it to sell.

    In my workshop, Marketing for Introverts, I discuss ways for

    introverted authors to successfully market themselves and their books.

    This workshop offers several creative ways to reach your target market

    without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.


    Tina Gallagher was raised in Northeast Pennsylvania and in between

    softball, basketball, and music lessons, she and her best friend would

    create their own “happily ever afters” for their favorite

    soap opera couples. After a while, the soap operas lost their appeal,

    but the writing never did. She continues to use her imagination to

    weave stories about heroes and heroines who share deep, lasting


    Tina graduated from the University of Scranton with a bachelor’s

    degree in marketing and a minor in English. She is a member of Romance

    Writers of America, Pocono/Lehigh Romance Writers, and Liberty States

    Fiction Writers.

    Register for Class



    **Permission to Forward Granted and Encouraged**

    MARCH 2011

    PITCH LIKE A PRO FOR WRITERS (includes Editor pitch session)

    INSTRUCTOR: Kerri Nelson

    WHEN: Mar. 1 to Mar. 29


    Want to practice your pitch for an upcoming pitch session to an agent or editor? Need help refining your pitch to include in a query letter? Well, practice makes perfect!

    Sign on for this handy four week pitch practice workshop, taught by multi-published romantic suspense author, Kerri Nelson.

    *During class you'll get to practice pitches for up to 2 different novels AND at the end of class you'll have the opportunity to pitch before a real acquiring EDITOR from a major publisher!*

    Over the past five years, Kerri has pitched more than thirty different books in every imaginable genre (from erotica to young adult) to multiple agents and editors with a tremendous success rate for follow-up requests for both partial and full manuscripts. She has sold fourteen novels and novellas in the last eighteen months after perfecting her pitch process!

    In this intensive interactive course, Kerri offers up the secrets to nailing your pitch, how to score a home run with editors, and how not to stop short of getting the results you want!

    Start the year off right with the book contract you've been waiting for!

    Students from prior classes have sold 3 book deals to Sourcebooks, been offered representation by agents, and many other successes after perfecting their pitch with me.


    Kerri Nelson has always been passionate about reading books but when she wrote her first poem in the second grade, she discovered her love of writing. At the age of sixteen, she became a columnist for her local newspaper as the high school correspondent for the weekly "Panther Tales" column. She won the Outstanding Young Journalist of the Year Award for her efforts.

    After an education and career in the legal field, Kerri began to pen romantic suspense novels with a legal or law enforcement theme. She currently lives in the sunny south with her romance inspiring husband and her adorable children. When she's not reading or writing, you'll find her baking homemade goodies for her family. Kerri is an active member of Romance Writers of America, Hearts Through History Romance Writers, Celtic Hearts Romance Writers, and Futuristic Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Writers.

    In addition, Kerri has been contracted to publish fourteen books with six different publishers in multiple genres. She continues to pitch both live and online to agents and editors on a monthly basis and has received requests for nearly one hundred percent of her pitches! Check out her website at: www.kerrinelson.com


    Romance so good, it should be illegal...

    Vegan Moon Now Available from Eternal Press


    Cost for the workshop is $15 for NEORWA members, $20 for all others. You do not have to be an RWA member to take our workshops!

    REGISTRATION CUT-OFF IS THE DAY BEFORE THE WORKSHOP STARTS. Once registered, you will be subscribed to the workshop loop prior to and for the duration of the class.

    For more information, please email Cathy Matuszak If you are using a web email and the link doesn't work for you, send the email to neorwaonline "at" gmail "dot" com. Or visit our website at www.neorwa.com and click on the link for Online Workshops.


    WisRWA Write Touch 2011 Conference - "Love is Brewing in Milwaukee" will be

    held June 3-5, 2011 at The Brookfield Suites Hotel & Conference Center.

    Please check our website for details www.WisRWA.org on how to register.

    We are now accepting promotional items to distribute to attendees!

    Please send all donations of books, bookmarks, and goody-bag items to the

    address below. We expect 100+ attendees, please send as many or few items as

    you feel appropriate. Items will be placed individually into conference

    goody bags and/or placed on a goody table for attendees to browse and


    Also, for those authors wishing to donate a raffle basket for our literacy

    fundraiser, please use the same address.

    Betsy Norman

    WisRWA WT 2011 Conference Coordinator

    P. O. Box 581

    Waukesha, WI 53187-0581

    Please include your email information in the package for

    confirmation/receipt of donated items. Thank you for your consideration and

    donation. If you have any questions, please email the Conference Coordinator

    at betsynorman5@gmail.com <mailto:betsynorman5%40gmail.com> .

    Thank you!

    WisRWA Write Touch 2011 Conference Committee

    Betsy Norman

    WisRWA 2010/2011 Write Touch Conference Coordinator

    "Love is Brewing in Milwaukee"

    Visit us today at www.wisrwa.org <http://www.wisrwa.org/>

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