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  1. Jan, Haven't see your post on the April Abs challenge discussion. We miss your imput. Why not check in?

  2. Jan Durkin

    Dear Guests!

    It's a PDF file, Julie. And March's is up now. I don't expect to get the "Air Mail" edition ... ... till early April, based on January and February's example. (And RWA tells me the copy leaves RWA around the middle of the previous month of the publication date.) Hope you do decide to join us. Cheers, Jan
  3. Jan Durkin

    Dear Guests!

    Hi Julie, from Melbourne! And you are right ... we do have a few other Aussies ... just to keep the rest on the straight and narrow! The main reason I had when I joined RWAOL some years back was that when I went to my first RWA conference in Reno, I didn't know a soul. I decided I had to find myself a Chapter, so I chose the virtual world of RWAOL. The other ladies have discussed some of the "you beaut" things we do around here (can't resist dropping into the local lingo!) but one of the neat things is that we can network and chat in our "own" time zone. And we have members from all over
  4. Does any one know what the cancellation policy is? I have searched high and low on the RWA site and I can't find it. I may be staring at it, but I'm sorry I can't see it. And with a public Holiday in the States on Monday 17th and registration opening on the 18th, I don't suppose RWA is monitoring this over the weekend..... Just guessing. I would really appreciate knowing what's what before I commit.
  5. The RWA home page is listing January 18th today. I thought it was the 20th, too, but it is Definitely the 18th.
  6. Thanks for the welcome, Jan! Am using an avatar in lieu of profile pic till I can get pixel count to lower on stored pix files!

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