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Plotting via Motivation

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Online class: February 1-29, 2008

"Plotting Via Motivation"

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Registration $30 at www.WriterUniv.com/

Plotting starts with motivation, because that's what drives your story. Any of us could write a book in which character set out for a three hour tour and get shipwrecked on an uncharted desert isle. We've seen what seven such characters would do...over and over and over again. But what would YOURS do?

If you nail down any character's motivation, it doesn't matter whether the ship capsizes or lands safely three hours later. Your characters will create a plot from what EVER happens, because you've got their motivation built in from the very beginning.

Find out how, with a workshop that covers:

* Motivation's Big Question

* The Surprising Core

* How Deep Do You Go?

* Motivation Checklist

* The 14 Blanks

* Goal vs Motivation

* Building Your Plot

Laurie Schnebly Campbell grew up in a family that talked "motivation" around the dinner table. While her day job in advertising is responsible for her synopsis skills, her Master's in Counseling works for motivating characters in her novels...including one that beat out Nora Roberts for "Best Special Edition of the Year." Check her out at www.BookLaurie.com.


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Guest Sandra Paquet

Hi Sarah

I'm looking forward to this class. Laurie Schnebly Campbell is a fabulous teacher and her classes a terrific learning experience. I'm a newbie at RWA and hope to see some of my fellow members in the class in February. :type:


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