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Workshop: The Lessons of Firefly

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***********************Permission to Forward*************************

RWA's Mystery/Suspense Chapter is pleased to announce our COFFIN,

College of Felony and Intrigue, KILLER INSTINCT online workshop for

the month of JULY 2008.

WORKSHOP: The Lessons Of Firefly: Learning From the Works of Joss


Though Joss Whedon's television show FIREFLY only aired through the

fall months of 2002, it has continued to generate followers through

word of mouth, DVD sales and an exhaustible amount of followers known

as "Browncoats". The Romance Writers of America has

many "Browncoasts" in their midst as Jacqui Jacoby learned though

discussions with members at the RWA National Conference in both

Atlanta and Dallas. Many of these followers love to listen and talk

about what they learned from watching the series. Discussing

dialogue is a favorite pastime, both at the conferences and online in

writing loops.

FIREFLY, created by the Rod Serling of our generation, was a

masterpiece of writing. Each of its thirteen episodes taught

character development, dialogue and plotting techniques. Its motion

picture sequel, SERENITY, not only touched on these subjects but

added relationships, loyalties and loss to its repertoire. In this

workshop, Ms. Jacoby will reveal the lessons of FIREFLY. By using

class participation and examples from the episodes, she will

translate with words what Mr. Whedon was teaching us on screen.

Joss Whedon has reviewed this workshop and has given his permission

for it to be offered to The Romance Writers of America.

INSTRUCTOR: Jacqui Jacoby

Award winning writer and die-hard Firefly fan, Jacqui Jacoby

recognized a long time ago that there is much to learn by watching

Firefly and getting to know her characters and her world. She has

studied the series as some student studies for class. Now, the

blessing of Mr. Whedon himself, she wishes to offer it to RWA members

and Browncoats anywhere.

KILLERINSTINCT workshops encompass writing and craft topics.

**PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE 27TH day of the month PRIOR to the

start of the COFFIN class. Cost of each workshop is $15.00 US for KOD

members, $30.00 US for non-KOD members. (RWA membership NOT required

to take the course).

For more information check out our website at


************************Permission to Forward***********************

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