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Running in the Dark: Organic Structure for Character-driven stories

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The Black Diamonds are proud to presend a on-line class, presented by Jodi Henley.

Jodi Henley

October 5th - 11th,2009

Running in the Dark: Organic Structure for Character-driven Stories

By Jodi Henley

"Character-driven" and "organic" are the new buzzwords, but do you really know what they mean and how they can help your writing? Build characters from the inside out, and write an emotional story that will land your book on the keeper shelf in this hands-on workshop that uses "your" story to get you unstuck and back into the flow.

Jodi Henley is a long-time member of the popular on-line writer´s forum "Romance Divas" where her craft of writing articles have been archived as downloads in The Place for Answers, Romance Diva´s on-line library. Highly sought after for her plain-English approach to problem solving, Jodi spends her time dissecting the craft of writing. Her obsessive Myer-Briggs INTJ personality drives her to explain her findings, and she considers herself lucky to have a receptive audience. A long-time blogger, her blog, "Will Work for Noodles", is a popular writer´s reference for people in fields from play-writing to Christian magazines and newspaper journalism.

Praise for Jodi Henley:

"I'm so glad this story is FINALLY going somewhere! I've been working on this thing for like 4-5 years and then Jodi came along with her organic structure and BOOM! I always felt like this story could be something special but I just never felt I was ready to work on it. Jodi is a wealth of information"--Lauren Murphy, author of Cara´s Christmas Fantasy

Jodi excels at simplifying overwhelming situations, breaking them down and providing a logical pathway. She leaves the student with a sense of accomplishment and focus, not just gratitude.-- Inez Kelley, author of Jinxed and Magic Bites

Day One:

· What do the terms "character-driven" and "organic" mean?

· Use psychology, environment, and core events to create the people you need and understand what they´ll do. A brief overview of transformational and static character arcs.

· The hero and heroine, two side-by-side arcs.

Day Two:

· Open discussion of your work in progress.

· Trouble-shooting your people.

· Talk about character arcs.

Day Three:

· If you don´t have a firm grip on your characters, we finish hammering out the details.

· Finalize your character arc.

Day Four:

· How organic writing grows your story: a discussion of logical progression, emotion, and plot.

· A discussion of structure and how it works for you. An overview of various forms.

Day Five:

· We explore character´s affect on plot, and discuss individual works in progress. We also explore structure for your story.

Day Six and Seven:

· Putting it all together using your work in progress.

For more information on this workshop and how to sign up, go to www.bdrwa.com

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