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Writing the Breakout Novel

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Free Workshop

What: Writing the Breakout Novel

Join us as we work our way through applying Donald Maass's Writing the

Breakout Novel Workbook to our current WIP. We'll be doing a chapter a week

and working until we reach the end of the workbook. We'll read the chapter

and do the exercises at the end and post the answers to the list along with

any questions, comments, suggestions, mental breakthroughs, rants or raves.

The workbook is available on Amazon and other sites. That and a WIP or a

story idea you want to develop are about all you'll need to join us. Well,

that and a sense of humor. The book itself is helpful, has more detail and

different examples but isn't required for the group.

Each week will start on Monday, the first being Oct 5, 2009. We'll take a

break Thanksgiving week (Nov 22nd to Nov 28th), from Dec 20th to Jan 3rd and

from Mar 28th to Apr 4th. If I counted right we'll finish in time for

Fourth of July. Symbolic, I'm sure.

Where: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/writingthebr...tnovelworkshop/

When: Starts October 5, 2009

Questions? writingthebreakoutnovelworkshop-owner@yahoogroups.com

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