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Bootcamp for NOvelists November Classes

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REGISTER NOW! www.bootcampfornovelists.com

BOOTCAMP for Novelists Online offers four classes each month. The Basic Track features the Four Pillars of Story Structure, which includes characterization, plot, scene structure and conflict. The Polish Track features the Techniques of the Pros, which includes the first three chapters, advanced characterization, escalating consequences and subplots and layers.

November 1 to December 5


(Basic Track) taught by Connie

You've got a cool idea for a setting, but have no idea who to put in it. A swaggering, broad-shouldered, chivalrous hero keeps walking through your head and you can't come up with an idea good enough for him. A publishing house puts out a call for a particular kind of story and nothing comes to mind. Anything like this ever happen to you? this course is about pulling in threads that build on and expand that small seed of an idea until it becomes something that will live on paper.

Class questions -- contact Connie at bootcamp4novelists@cox.net

ENROLL NOW! www.bootcampfornovelists.com $22


Conflict is the final pillar of story structure. Without it, nothing truly matters. Not to the characters, not to the readers and ultimately not to agents and editors. This course shows you how to use contrast and pressure and action to build stories that crackle from page one to the end.


www.bootcampfornovelists.com THE BIG BLACK MOMENT

(Polish Track) taught by Linda Style.

Dramatic, powerful storytelling doesn't just happen. There's a story plan, with the big black moment a major piece of that plan. Many writers fail to get it right. While they understand this is the moment when all seems lost, they don't understand what goes into making it that way. In this class you'll learn how to make the black moment the most powerful scene in your story.

Class questions -- contact Linda at


ENROLL NOW! www.bootcampfornovelists.com $22


When story action gets high, with lots going on, the pros know how to divide the story lines so they can stay in control. This coure teaches you how to separate the plot spine from subplots and how to weave the subplots in so they enhance the spine plot and also shine on their own.



Connie Flynn has taught fiction writer for nearly fifteen

years with seven years at Phoenix College's

oft-praised Creative Writing Department. She's also taught for Arizona State University's Virginia G. Piper Creative Writing Center. With twelve novels - a half dozen or so for Harlequin Enterprise that include

action/adventure, romantic suspense, and comedy,

Connie's books have hit best seller lists and finaled in national contests, including the coveted PRISM Award for Best Time Travel of the year. Connie's short story, Old Bones was published in the mystery anthology MAP OF MURDER.

Connie loves writing and teaching. She believes creativity is coaxed from students through an atmosphere of support and encouragement, and the classes are a roadway to express this creativity.


Linda Style has been In the writing business for over

25 years, and she loves sharing what she's learned.

Linda's taught writing workshops for The Arizona

Authors Association, Romance Writers of America, on

both the local and national level, libraries, book stores

and online. She holds degrees in journalism and behavioral science, writes fiction for Harlequin Superromance (over a dozen published novels to date) and nonfiction for newspapers and national magazines, including the Romance Writers

Report (RWR). Most recently she worked as the

Editor-in-Chief of View Highlife Magazine. The recipient of several awards, including the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence and the Orange Rose Award for best book of the year, Linda's books are best known for their emotional impact, complex plots and deep characterization.


For more details about BOOTCAMP for Novelists or to enroll in courses go to www.BootcampforNovelists.com

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