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*Permission Granted to Forward to RWA Loops and Members*

January’s PRO Bootcamp, The Healthy Writer, is coming up fast! We begin

January 4th, so don't delay, get signed up today!

The first bootcamp of 2010 is a three-week long course, chock full of new

and fun information designed to get your new year off to a fantastic start!

We have an amazing SEVEN instructors presenting for three days each over

the three-week period. They’ll be right there ON the PRO-Class loop with

you, so their answers to your follow-up questions will appear more quickly. Of

course, you don't have to participate in every topic we're offering in

January, but we think you'll want to.

Check out this line-up:


January 4–6, 2010

EXERCISE with KERI STEVENS. Are you ready to sweat? Keri’s ready to tell

you all you need to keep that body in shape and fight against that “trucker

rear” from long periods of sitting.

January 7–9, 2010

ERGONOMICS with DALE MAYER & RR (Ronna) SMYTHE. If you've ever endured the

agony of neck strain or overuse of your mouse hand (and who hasn't?),

don't miss this topic that combines Ronna’s medical expertise and Dale’s

intensive research and first-hand experience.


January 11–13, 2010

EATING HEALTHY with MICHELLE BUTLER. Do you turn to food to help relieve

your writing stress or other negative emotions? Healthy Writer Blogger

Michelle Butler will offer tips and advice on how to develop a healthy

relationship with food, find other ways to comfort yourself, and share how she lost

more than 30 pounds in 2009.

January 14–16, 2010

OFFICE FENG SHUI with BELLA ANDRE. According to Feng Shui expert Bella

Andre, your space has an impact on how you feel, which can impact how you

write. Join Bella for tips on balancing the energies in your writing space to

stimulate and invigorate your writing.


January 18–20, 2010

PRIORITIZING with KARI LEE TOWNSEND. Kids. Spouses. Food. Pets. Sleep.

Deadlines. Kari juggles her family's needs (four children!) and her personal

needs with her commitment for six(!) contracted books. Kari will share how

she keeps organized so her life doesn’t spin out of control.

January 21–23, 2010


and nationally syndicated entertainment columnist will show us how we can be

more productive during every writing session—whether it's ten minutes or

two hours long.

Are you excited yet? We are! By the time you finish this class, you’ll be

ready to break in the New Year as the perfect "Healthy Writer."

We look forward to seeing you there,

Keri Ford and Natalie Damschroder

PRO-Education Co-Chairs

PS—Are you PRO-Eligible? You know you do not want to miss out on the

wonderful and FREE classes offered to all RWA PROs. Not sure if you’re

PRO-Eligible? Go here:

_http://www.rwanatio nal.org/cs/ member_resources /PRO_membership_

(http://www.rwanational.org/cs/member_resources/pro_membership) (you must be

signed in to the RWA website to view this link)

Are you ready for the PRO Classes? The PRO-Class Loop was wiped clean on

Nov 19, 2009, and the PRO Liaison has been re-approving membership requests

since. If you were a PRO Class Member last year and have not reapplied

since Nov 19, 2009, you must re-subscribe. If you’re PRO-Approved by RWA (and

are not PAN or PAN-Eligible) and would like to participate in PRO Classes,

send an email to _PRO-Class-subscribe @yahoogroups. com_

(mailto:PRO-Class-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) with your name and email address on file with

RWA and your RWA#. If you’d like to be subscribed to the loop with a

different email address, please add that, too.

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