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VOICE: Get Your Fingerprints All Over Your Story

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Yellow Rose Romance Writers is pleased to announce our January 2010

workshop! All workshops are $15 for Yellow Rose members and $25 for

non-Yellow Rose members.

Starting January 18, 2010, Eileen Wilks will present VOICE: Get Your

Fingerprints All Over Your Story. This is a 2-week course. To register, go

to http://www.yellowroserwa.com/workshops.php and fill in the form. We

accept PayPal and check/money order. Registration deadline is January 17,


VOICE: Get Your Fingerprints All Over Your Story

By Eileen Wilks

January 18 - February 1, 2010

A strong, distinctive voice--editors and agents clamor for it. Readers fall

for it. Jayne Ann Krentz says it may delay that first sale, but end up

landing you on bestseller lists. But what is voice, exactly? How can we find

ours and develop it?

It's easier to describe voice allusively than to define it concretely. Voice

is to authors and editors what pornography is to the Supreme Court: we know

it when we hear it. Bearing that in mind, the workshop will cover some of

the components of voice:

. worldview

. word choice

. emotional rhythm

. overall rhythm: paragraphs, sentences, transitions, ratio of


. to narration to action. Punctuation.

Writing teacher Karen Pape says that voice is like fingerprints: each is

unique. Mixing lecture with interactive segments, this workshop will help

get your fingerprints all over your story.

About Eileen Wilks:

Eileen Wilks has been published by Silhouette, St. Martin's, and Berkley.

Her current series for Berkley features Lily Yu, a homicide cop turned

paranormal investigator. She has a novella in INKED, an anthology out now,

and her sixth book in the series, BLOOD MAGIC, will be released Fed. 5. Her

accomplishments include:

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