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Archetypes vs Stereotypes - April workshop

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Yellow Rose Romance Writers is pleased to announce our April 2010 workshop!

All workshops are $15 for Yellow Rose members and $25 for non-Yellow Rose


Starting April 1, 2010, Becky Martinez and Sue Viders will present

Archetypes vs. Stereotypes. This is a 4-week course. To register, go to

http://www.yellowroserwa.com/workshops.php and fill in the form. We accept

PayPal and check/money order. Registration deadline is March 31, 2010.

Archetypes vs. Stereotypes

April 1-30 (4 weeks)

Course Description:

There have to be more heroic styles than just the Alpha male. This workshop

will discuss the sixteen archetypes from Sue's popular writing book, The

Complete Writers Guide to Heroes and Heroines, Sixteen Master Archetypes.

Each archetype will be discussed in depth. In addition, the class will get

tips on how to make their characters come alive on the page.


Sue and Becky have been teaching on-classes for many years, as a team and

individually. They have presented at numerous conferences together and

separately. Both have given sessions at the national Romance Writers of

America Conference. Online classes normally run four weeks with two to three

lectures per week with assignments included in each lecture.

Sue has published the following books and games for writers:

1. Heroes and Heroines, Sixteen Master Archetypes

2. Ten Steps to Creating Memorable Characters

3. Deal a Story - a card game for writers

Becky is also a co-author of Ten Steps to Creating Memorable Characters. She

is multi-published in full length romance fiction and romance short stories.

Her most recent short story was The Problem, published in July 2008 by The

Wild Rose Press, which will also publish her next book, Deadly Messages, a

romantic suspense coming in February 2010.

Becky and Sue are also working on their next nonfiction book for writers,

Ten Ways to Plot a Great Story. It will be a companion book to the Character


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