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The "W" Plot or the Other White Meat for Plotters

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May 2010


INSTRUCTOR: Karen Docter

WHEN: May 3 to May 28 (12 lessons posted over 4 weeks)


One of the staples of any writers group conversations is the plot. It's

integral to every novel, holds everything together. It's the vehicle that

carries readers from page one to "The End". It's one of the scariest things

an author faces when s/he decides, hey, I want to write a novel!

How many of us have made this decision, then stared at that blank page or

computer screen without a clue how to proceed? What about those of us who

write by the seat of our pants, the pantsers? Do we dare risk scaring off

our muse by [shudder] plotting our story? How do the mega-plotters, the

overachievers, know when it's time to stop and just put pen to paper?

Join four-time Golden HeartR finalist and Daphne du Maurier winner Karen

Docter as she shares the "W" plotting technique she's used successfully for

more than 10 years.

Karen analyzes the movie "Romancing the Stone" to show how the technique

works, discussing the detailed plot points for the main characters including

the villain. Throughout this workshop, you'll uncover the skeleton of your

own novel. Whatever your genre, not only will you have the tools you need to

finish plotting your story using the "W", you'll know how to use it to write

the synopsis we all love to hate...all without writing one word of the


If you've already started your novel, that's okay. It's never too late to

apply the principles of the "W" to your developing story. Have you run into

a wall? Don't know where to go next? Has the story gone flat? Use the

technique to pull apart the elements of your story so you can plug the

holes, work through/over/around walls that loom in your path, and get moving

on your story once again.

This is a hands-on-your-own-book workshop designed for the novice or the

experienced writer.


'Karen Docter's a member of Colorado Romance Writers, a four-time Golden

HeartR finalist and charter member of both RWA PRO and The Golden Network.

Also a member of FTHRW and Kiss of Death chapters, she now writes single

title romantic suspense. One of her manuscripts won the 2005 KOD Category

[series] Romantic Mystery/Suspense Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence.

In addition to her thirty-year business background, she holds a Liberal Arts

degree and a B.A. in Technical Journalism. To foster literacy, she's been a

speaker at local Jr./High schools, tutored composition and reading classes,

and taught college level English.

Check out Karen's website at http://www.karendoc

<http://www.karendocter.com> ter.com to find out more about her writing.


Cost for the workshop is $15 for NEORWA members, $20 for all others. You do

not have to be an RWA member to take our workshops!

Click here to register for Online Workshop


The registration deadline is the day before the workshop starts. Once

registered, you will be subscribed to the workshop loop prior to and for the

duration of the class.

For more information, please email Cathy Matuszak and Alaina Silvestrini


Admission to the workshop depends on receipt of this form and payment fee

before the cut-off date for the workshop chosen. If the fee is received

after the cut-off date, the fee can be applied to another workshop of your


Note: You will receive an invitation to join the group from Yahoo! Groups.

You must reply to it in order to take the course. The invitation is good for

seven (7) days only. PLEASE check your spam filter for the invitation so you

don't miss anything in the workshop! There are no refunds if you fail to

enroll yourself once being offered the invitation.

Upon receipt of your payment and registration form, you will receive an

email confirming you have been registered for the workshop. If you do not

receive a confirmation email, contact the NEORWA Workshops Coordinator Cathy

Matuszak and Alaina Silvestrini before the workshop begins.


Registration fees will be refunded only in the event the workshop is

canceled. All payments for a workshop must be received by the registration

cut-off date. No refund will be given for withdrawing from a workshop. In

the event the instructor cancels a workshop or there are technical

difficulties with the list provider (Yahoo!), NEORWA will offer the

participant the option of receiving a refund or enrollment in another

workshop of the participant's choice.

If a workshop does not have 10 students enrolled by the cut-off date, the

workshop may be canceled, and the participant can either receive a refund or

be enrolled in another workshop of the participant's choice.

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