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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Grammar & Style But Did

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Yosemite Romance Writers is proud to present their online workshop for August.

Date: 08/02/2010 – 08/27/2010

Workshop title: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Grammar & Style But Didn’t Think It Really Mattered

Instructor: Annie Oortman

Grammar-crammer… who cares about how verb tenses; dangled, misplaced, and squinted modifiers; and that dreaded passive voice? You should!

Most people would rather have a paper cut on the inside of their lip than learn better grammar. But good writing

requires good grammar. Without it, you can’t really be sure your reader will understand the information you’re

trying to convey, the story you’re trying to tell, and the mental picture you’re trying to paint.

First, we’ll go over the basics to ensure you haven’t forgotten everything from school. Then, we’ll move onto

issues that affect sentence structure and paragraph development. Next, we’ll review the finer points of

punctuation and style as well as common grammar errors. Then, we’ll show you how to enhance your writing’s

curb appeal to make the most of your writing’s appearance, readability, and impact. After that, we’ll demonstrate

how cutting the fat from your writing is the quickest and surest way to improve your writing. Finally, we’ll solve

some crimes against sentence, sharing the grammatical forensics you can use to uncover evidence of poor

writing and troubleshoot problem sentences.

Deadline to register: 08/01/2010

Fee: $20 YWR members; $25 non-members. RWA Membership isn't required;

Anyone can take our courses.

Where to sign up: You may register online at our website,

www.yosemiteromancewriters.com .

Please click the Pay Now button and follow the instructions for Paypal. You will receive a confirmation from us once your payment is received.

Checks for class can be mailed to:

Yosemite Romance Writers

4294 W. Dakota Ave.

Fresno, CA 93722

You may also contact YRW at YosemiteRomanceWriters@yahoo.com if you have any other questions.

Thank you for considering our workshops!!

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