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Midwest Fiction Writers Fall Harvest of Writing Essentials presents La

Patti Fischer

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The Midwest Fiction Writers

Fall Harvest of Writing Essentials presents

Layer and Texture Your Novel featuring Cherry Adair

Saturday, September 25, 2010

in Minneapolis, MN

Before 9/2/2010 :

$99 for MFW members; $109 for non-MFW members

After 9/2/2010 , add $10

This workshop is good for all levels and genres.

There's more to a novel than good story telling. There has to be a balance of dialog, narration, research, and description. In this fast-paced, fun class learn when too much research is too much, and how to subtly layer what you need into your story so that it blends seamlessly. Discover how much dialog is enough, and how to use it to strengthen your characters, and move the story forward. Learn how to layer dialog, action, narration, and exposition to make your words sing on the page.


An Optional Half-day workshop on Sunday!

Writing Luminous Dialog featuring Cherry Adair

Sunday, September 26, 2010

in Minneapolis, MN

$35 for MFW members; $40 for non-MFW members

Only available for those who attend the Saturday workshop

Discover ways to insert accents or dialects that are readable, but still authentic. Learn how to change narrative into dialog and how to use 'white space' to make the story move faster. Find out how to write each character to make them sound like themselves so you don't need tags to identify them, and how to write various types of dialog - in action scenes, romantic scenes, or a scene where the reader must learn the character's backstory.

To register, see the MFW web site. There is a form there you can fill out and send in. See http://www.midwestfiction.com/SaveTheDate.html

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