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Shining in a Shrinking Market with Traci Hall

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Learn how to sparkle in this tough and ever-changing market! Whether you're a diamond in the rough or a polished gem looking to find new ways to market your shiny prose, this is the workshop for you!!!

Florida Romance Writers presents: "Shining in a Shrinking Market"

With multi-published author, Traci Hall

August 14th - August 21

About the workshop:

Shining in a Shrinking Market is geared toward writers of all levels. It takes a motivational look at the market, playing off the four C's of diamond terminology. Carat, Cut, and Clarity become "Career, Critique, Concentration & Category". This interactive online workshop focuses on goal making and how to be pro-active despite the many obstacles in publishing.

About the presenter:

Traci Hall is a multi-published author of YA and adult medieval paranormals. Traci has always loved a good story. As a kid, she practiced her fledgling story-telling skills on her little brother and cousins as they camped out in the back yard. The thrill of having them hang on her every word as she alternately scared them or grossed them out became addicting.

Traci writes YA paranormals and admits to shamelessly eavesdropping on her teenager's conversations to keep her dialogue fresh and authentic for her angst-ridden, coming-of- age characters. She also writes medieval paranormal's for adults who – as it turns out – like things that go bump in the night just as much as teens. Her medieval works include: Love's Magic, Beauty's Curse and Boadicea's Legacy. Also look for her teen paranormals: Her Wiccan Wiccan Ways, Something Wiccan This Way Comes and Wiccan Cool.

You can find Traci at www.traciehall.com.

For more information visit http://www.frwriters.org/workshops.html or email Lyn Armstrong at sweetvixen72@yahoo.com.

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