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Body Language by Annalise Russell

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Yellow Rose Romance Writers is pleased to announce our September 2010

workshop! All workshops are $15 for Yellow Rose members and $25 for

non-Yellow Rose members.

Annalise Russell presents Body Language. This is a *1-week course* and

begins September 12, 2010.

To register, go to http://www.yellowroserwa.com/workshops.php and fill in

the form. We accept PayPal and check/money order. Registration deadline is

September 11, 2010.**

*Course Description: *

How often do we say one thing, and feel (or want to say!) another? Know how

to read the signs, and you won’t be fooled again. Body language is a great

way to convey a character’s reaction or emotional state. It reveals if

someone is lying, or genuine, personality type, if they are in love, in


Body language is the same across the board, regardless of age, but it does

vary by gender. By using body language effectively, a writer can convey many

things to the reader. And use fewer tag lines. A bit of physical movement

within the setting, a nervous trait, all keep the reader in tune with a

character’s state of mind, emotion, and keeps them entrenched in the story.

Ever think back to an encounter with someone and wonder if it really went as

well as you thought? Feel strangely uncomfortable around someone? We all

give and receive body language messages every day. We just don’t stop and

think about them. But our subconscious picks up these messages and slips

them into the conscious mind, making us wonder or doubt.


Annalise Russell is a social psychologist by degree. She began her career as

a medical writer, is published in behavioral science research and spends her

days working full time in an office that protects human subjects

participating in medical and behavioral research trials. Her first book, In

His Bed (The Pleasure of His Bed Anthology), was released by Kensington in

September 2008.

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